Battle Magic & Psychic Warfare

I’ve been interested in magic for a long time, and I’ve read pretty much everything there is to read on it. I know the literature well, and what I am going to write here has, as far as I know, never before been written.

There are countless articles online regarding psychic attacks, and all I’ve come across speak naively and simply on how to defend oneself. None of them go into how to actually attack someone. This is counter-productive; there is no such thing as defense without the knowledge of attack. If you do not know what a knife looks like and how its used, how would you even begin to imagine a defense against it? You wouldn’t even see it coming. The knowledge of defense is the knowledge of attack, and vice-versa.

Much of magic is attack and defense, it is the simplest form of magic. If you do not understand the basics of battle magic then you don’t have much chance with more complex spells. You must walk before you can run.

All of us participate in psychic battles every day. We just don’t recognize them as psychic battles. You know when someone has stolen energy from you because you can feel it. You feel your energy draining, you feel weakened. You feel their malice even though often you don’t know why you feel it as the other person usually acts as if nothing has happened. Not believing in magic does nothing to stop you from being subjected to its effects on a daily basis. Neither does the other person’s disbelief in magic stop them from using it against you. People learn to use magical attacks subconsciously, they know that if they say or do a particular thing it makes them feel stronger and more powerful, but they don’t question why. The why is that they are doing magic. Some people get very good at it without ever knowing what they are doing. They learn it through feedback: if they do x then they feel stronger, this is feedback, and through feedback you can learn how to do anything without actually knowing why it works.

But if you do know what you are doing, if you do understand the ins and outs of battle magic and psychic warfare then you can defend yourself, and you can take back what was stolen from you. A person who has learned to attack through positive-feedback doesn’t stand a chance against one who understands battle magic and psychic warfare consciously.

Conscious vs. Unconscious Actions

I should briefly mention the difference between the conscious and the unconscious, as this is very relevant. If you think back through your life you will remember times in which people somehow managed to manipulate you to their benefit without them being seemingly aware that they were doing it. So were they doing it or not? Are they guilty or innocent?

The conscious self is that which you are aware of because you have feedback on it, you can see yourself doing it. If you can think of thinking then you are aware of thinking. If you can think of seeing then you are aware of seeing. You will say that you did it consciously. You will say “I thought” and “I saw”. But you don’t need to think of thinking to think, and you don’t need to think of seeing to see. You can, and do, do many things that you don’t know you are doing. For example, you are beating your own heart, but you don’t know that because you don’t have feedback on it. You are doing it and you can control it in theory but you’d have to learn to control it via some feedback mechanism for it to pass from unconscious to conscious. These two, the conscious and unconscious, are not two separate yous. You are the unconscious, and the conscious is the small part of that which has the sensory feedback mechanism to witness itself doing things.

Everything you do unconsciously is done on purpose. It is you doing it.

An apple tree knows how to grow apples, but it doesn’t know that it knows how to grow apples. The apple tree is not conscious of growing apples but that is not to say that it is not growing apples on purpose. It’s not accidentally growing the apples. It’s deliberately growing apples without conscious feedback.

Those people that manipulated you, they did it on purpose. They’re guilty. They’ll deny it, and they’ll have given themselves excuses and validations, but those are lies they tell themselves and you. So don’t be afraid of consciously fighting against someone who is unconsciously hurting you — the thing that is them made that decision regardless of their own ignorance of their own actions, and the thing that is you has a right to defend itself.

Form and Spirit

Your physical body is a form. Your energy and emotions are spirit. Don’t take these labels too esoterically, they’re only labels. I understand that the words form and spirit might put some people off because they have pre-existing bias against the labels, but they’re only labels. I could call them matter and energy, and it’s the same thing, but I prefer the labels form and spirit.

It’s important to note that emotions (or feelings) and energy/spirit are the same thing. Your emotions/feelings are your energy and are your spirit. You can’t disconnect energy from the emotional state it belongs to, and each state has its own type of power. If you suppress your emotions then you suppress your energy and power. So don’t do that.

Everything has form and spirit, and spirit is always contained within form. For example, a word like ‘table’ has form (the word itself) and spirit (the meaning of the word.) You can’t have a word without a form, and you can have a word without a spirit/meaning but it would be useless/dead. Spirit therefore animates form, and every spirit needs to be contained in some form to actually be usable.

If you have a glass of water you could say that the form is the glass, and the water is the spirit. The water/spirit is contained and protected by the glass/form. Without the glass/form you could not hold on to the water/spirit. And then the water itself is also a form, which contains within it energy, which is spirit. So everything is itself both form and spirit, depending on what zoom-level you’re looking at it from.

Likewise a human being is a form. Yet if you zoom out then you could look at a country as a form and then the individuals humans who are citizens of that country would then be considered the spirit of the country. So it all depends on what level you’re looking from.

Your Body Is A Kingdom

Just as human beings can be said to be the spirit of a country, you can also consider an individual human as a country or, even better, as a Kingdom. So your body is a Kingdom and it is animated by spirit, and you are the King. You know what is happening in your Kingdom by your feelings/emotions. If you ignore your feelings/emotions then you are ignoring the needs of your people.

Just as a Kingdom has a government, a private sector (corporations), police, healthcare, and an army, so does your body. This applies both physically (in form) and energetically (in spirit.) In form, for example, you have specific cells that are soldiers, white blood cells for example, and you have cells that are builders, carers, etc. In spirit you have the same.

Just like a Kingdom, you can send scouts, emissaries, ambassadors, spies and soldiers out of your Kingdom and into another, while keeping allegiance to you. You do this already, but if you know what you are doing then you can do it more effectively.

Naturally, within any Kingdom, there are always little civil wars going on between political factions. This is what causes cognitive-dissonance. One part of you wants one thing, another part of you wants another. One of your jobs as King is to mediate this. If this gets really bad then you can end up in an actual civil war, which will manifest as conditions in your body such as auto-immune disease, in which your army is divided and fights itself. I could write an entire article about this, but for this article let’s concentrate more on foreign policy instead of domestic.

We’re going to use this ‘Kingdom’ metaphor (it’s so close to the truth that it’s barely a metaphor) to discuss battle magic and psychic warfare. I’m going to speak in terms of feudal kingdoms, but you should understand that this is the same thing that you are doing in reality with your energy. When I speak of walls I’m speaking of the walls you put up around yourself. When I speak of soldiers I’m speaking of the energy that can be sent out from one person to another to attack and invade them. These concepts work in precisely the same way between people as they do between kingdoms.

Typical Defense Strategies

There is not a right way or a best way to defend oneself but some strategies are better than others. Most people use really simple and naive defense strategies.

The simplest possible way to defend a Kingdom is to build a big wall around it. This kind-of works. If you have a big wall around your Kingdom then average footsoldiers that come to attack you will not be able to get past the wall. It will take a lot of energy for them to break down your wall, and since defending requires less energy than attacking, you can withstand an attack from a slightly more powerful opponent simply by hiding behind a big wall and repairing it as its damaged.

There are several problems with a big wall. Firstly, if you only have a wall and no drawbridge, then you are not only restricting foreign invaders but you’re also restricting aid from other Kingdoms (i.e. people trying to help you) and you’re restricting your own people from leaving, for example to trade with other kingdoms. It also stops you from learning about anything beyond your Kingdom. Basically if all you do is build a big wall then you’re now on your own, and all you do is defend your wall against anyone who turns up, friend or foe. You will never get anything new, only what you already have inside your own Kingdom, and if you don’t have enough resources in your Kingdom to survive then you will slowly die.

Another problem with walls is that a clever opponent will have no problem getting past your wall, especially if they know what they are doing. Walls are meant to keep out armies of footsoldiers. A cunning opponent could send a couple of wall-climbing spies to infiltrate your wall fairly easily. These spies would then be inside your defenses and could then cause all kinds of damage. People who build big walls are usually defenseless inside their walls because anyone who is so dumb as to think that a big wall is a good defense strategy is not going to have any decent internal security. So once in, a couple of spies could destroy you in a short space of time, usually by sowing discontent and manipulating your political factions into civil war. The spies become another voice in your head except that everything they say is made to weaken you. Once you are sufficiently weakened by fighting yourself, the spies will send a message back to their own Kingdom which will then send their army in to finish the job and take what is left of your soul. At this point they basically absorb you into their Kingdom and you end up being a sort of slave of the person who dominated you, made to keep giving them energy from your fields and never having enough for yourself, which is their intention because it keeps you from being able to fight off your overlord even if you wanted to.

The next level of defense strategy is a wall with a drawbridge. This is most people. It’s basically the same thing as the wall except at least this person can now choose who they let in, and their own people can leave if they have a permit for official government business. These people can at least send and receive love, which means they can be helped if they accept it. They can at least see new things and explore the surroundings. They can at least send out their own scouts and emissaries and so will have some idea about what is going on around them. But the drawbridge is of course a weakpoint in the wall and the spies now have the additional strategy of convincing you to lower your drawbridge to let in the invading army. People who have drawbridges though tend to have at least some internal security as they understand the concept of choosing who can and can’t enter, and questioning anyone who tries to enter, which naturally leads to the understanding that someone could enter without them knowing, so the spies might be detected even if they get over the wall.

There’s nothing wrong with walls, but they are a passive defense strategy. The next level is to start with active defense. Active defense is military intelligence. The walls are still there but they are lower because it’s understood that walls are only useful for stopping armies of footsoldiers from walking in, no need for them to be higher than is necessary for this purpose. A person on this level now has military intelligence as the head of defense, instead of the old-fashioned solider generals of the previous levels who only really understand brute force.

Military intelligence is vastly superior to soldier generals and it opens up many new possibilities. You now have access to specialists, including: spies, plain-clothed police officers, detectives, etc. and you will now have an actual immigration policy with vetting. In reality this looks like: now you will consider whether a thought in your head is good for you as a whole, and if not you will find out where it came from, question the motives of the voice/feeling/intention and potentially kick it out. Wall people can’t do this, they believe that any thought or feeling that managed to get inside their head is worth listening to, however it got there and wherever it came from. Wall people follow their feelings regardless of whether the feelings are in their best interest. Intelligence people also follow their feelings, but are suspicious of and will investigate feelings that are obviously counter-productive.

Intelligence makes use of scouts that are constantly monitoring the surroundings so you will see an attack coming ahead of time and will be able to plan an adaptable defense that is specific to the circumstance. Wall people only have one defense strategy: wall, and they have a tendency to not consider other options, even obvious ones such as not associating with aggressive people. Because of the lack of scouts, wall people have difficulty determining the other person’s intentions; they tend to interact with everyone the same way. Intelligence-run defense can change strategy based on what is actually happening. Examples include: fighting back, running away, calling on help from an allied Kingdom, etc.

Intelligence people then are more open, but harder to manipulate. For wall people it’s difficult to get inside their Kingdom, but once in they are easily manipulated. For intelligence people it’s fairly easy to get in, but being in doesn’t give you much leverage over their mind, beliefs, feelings, etc. However they will consider the suggestion and then choose whether to follow it based on their government policies.

There are more levels that are even more powerful, which I will discuss later, but first let’s jump to attack.

Introduction to Attack

Psychic attacks can happen at any time. You do not have to actually be in the physical presence of the person. They can get you in your sleep, or while you are minding your own business. And they do.

The two main genres of energy are giving-energy and taking-energy. You know which is which because you’re used to feeling it: good thoughts or bad thoughts. Whichsoever you have about someone flows to them. Bad thoughts take and good thoughts give. Of course someone with big walls will be blocking against giving-energy just as much as they block taking-energy. Too bad for them.

Emotions only flow between entities. You can’t have an emotion that isn’t about something, it’s always about something although you might not be aware of what it is connected to, but there will be something. You’re never happy or sad or angry about nothing. If your emotion is about a person then that energy is flowing to them. If you’re angry at them and they have no defenses then it’ll hurt them, this especially happens to children because they have weak defenses and rely on the defense of their caregivers. If the attacker is the caregiver then the child is screwed. If they do have strong defenses then probably you’re just wasting your own energy attacking and they’re easily defending and not getting hurt. They can also gain energy from your attack if their defenses are set up that way. Someone who tries to make you angry is doing this, if you bite the bait then you’ll try to attack them by sending them anger energy (i.e. if you get angry) and your energy will simply be captured in their trap and feed them. I can also teach how to do this; traps are an excellent defense as you can use their attack to make you even stronger.

As I said, it doesn’t matter if the person is physically present or not. What matters is the pathway or connection from you to them. You have to be able to find them in the spiritual plane (which, incidentally, is this place, not somewhere else.) You do this simply by intending to, there is a feeling that I associate with the connection being established but it’s difficult to explain the feeling, it’s a sort-of knowing. You can only attack someone, or likewise send them love and care, if you have some form of connection. Being physically present is a form of connection, even if you don’t know them, as is having a relationship of any kind. Being on video chat is close enough a physical connection to work even if you’ve never met the person. You can also connect to people via other people. When someone talks of someone else the address of that person is in the communication and passes between you, unless the other person withholds that information, which they generally don’t do because they don’t know they can. So you can also attack people that know someone you know if the intermediary has introduced you to them knowingly or unknowingly.

Pathways/connections can be cut. Some people are very good at this and it is another great defense strategy because then they can no longer send you anything, good or bad. The connection is gone. The only requirement is that you must mean it. You must actually intend to fully cut all connections to that person, and act accordingly. If you are only pretending to cut the connection, but still think about them or answer their phone calls or look through the messages they used to send to you, then you don’t mean it, do you?

Cutting connections works very well, but it’s not always possible. You will be unable to do it if that person has continued presence in your life, such as a relative or someone you have to interact with as part of your life, e.g. a colleague. You will also be unable to do it if that person has stolen something from you that you are not prepared to let go of. On the other hand, in my experience people who have stolen something from you often try to cut the connection if they’re happy with all they’ve got, don’t feel like taking more, and don’t want to give it back.

If you cut the connection with them but not them with you, or vice-versa, it usually results in the person who is still holding on having to put a lot of energy into sustaining the connection, as it doesn’t take that much energy to cut it, but it takes a lot to build it. Building takes more time and energy than knocking things down. If you want back what they stole from you, better to attack them now with full force and get it over with instead of just wasting your energy sustaining the connection by dwelling on your loss and doing nothing about it. Likewise, if someone is putting a lot of energy into attempting to sustain a connection that want cut, you can build a little trap for them. Think of it like a bridge that connects your kingdom to theirs. They’ll be sending builders to maintain the bridge. Put some guards on your side and every time their builders attempt to fix the bridge, just capture their builders. They have to send builders first if the bridge is damaged because otherwise their soldiers can’t pass. It takes some energy to do this but you’ll capture more energy than you are spending so it’ll work to your advantage and eventually they’ll give up and they’ll be gone. Then you can burn the bridge finally.

All of this is done simply by intent. In the example above you only need to know that you are sending guards to capture their builders as they attempt to rebuild the bridge. You decide to do it and mean it and it is done. You are the King, your army does what you tell it to do. You don’t have to try to do it, or think the words “I am intending to do xyz”, just the idea that you want to do it combined with the intention to actually do it is already the command being made. You can then forget about it and it’ll be managed subconsciously. Once learned, your military defense will do these things automatically and you will be cleverly defending yourself without even knowing. Only when something goes wrong does the problem pass up the chain of command, which, if none of the lieutenants or generals know what to do, will end with the King: you. You will feel that something is wrong and then introduce a new strategy, which will pass down the chain of command and be managed for you by your generals. Often you do this by fantasizing about it, your mind will go over and over strategies where you are fighting that person — this is actually happening in spirit! As long as it works you’ll never hear of it again, and if your opponents comes up with an unexpected counter-attack then you’ll feel that again and have to come up with a new strategy.

People can also defend each other, and this is very common. Children require the defense of their caregivers since they don’t have their own. Men typically defend their spouse since men generally specialize in attack and defense, whereas women generally specialize in farming, which is a metaphor for generating energy. The traditional symbiotic relationship between the kingdoms of men and women is one in which the man spends more of his resources on having a strong military, whereas the women spends more of her resources on the growing food, i.e. generating energy. The man then defends the woman’s kingdom and in exchange she gives him her excess energy, since she can generate more than she needs for herself. This is a very successful model because they both get the best of both; he gets more energy than he would otherwise have and at the same time she gets better protection than she would otherwise have, and everyone is happy: win-win. Of course, in our modern world we’ve been told this is bad and everyone is supposed to have both farms and armies and not make strong alliances as described above, but most people still instinctively lean in the direction of their natural impulse: men to protect and women to provide care and love (give positive energy.) Obviously some people naturally do it the other way around.

This is also relevant to partner selection. As a generalization, men naturally look for a partner that (1) has a lot of energy (good, healthy farms), and (2) is actually willing to give the energy instead of the classic woman tactic of promising to give energy but somehow always having an excuse not to. Women on the other hand are typically looking for (1) a man with a strong military, and (2) who isn’t going to use his military strength to absorb her entire kingdom into his and enslave her. Each has an objective goal (much power/energy) and a subjective one (will play fair) in their partner selection. It’s also worth noting that the idea of a man bringing in resources, e.g. money, is actually the same thing as having a strong military, because all incoming resources are captured from other territories. Working with other Kingdoms in alliance is not not a military action; playing fair is one of the best defense strategies and trade can be considered an intelligence policy, they go together. Business and war are basically the same thing; trade is just war where both sides win.

The physical and the spiritual are not two different places. Actions taken on the physical are actions taken on the spiritual. If you don’t physically defend yourself then you don’t spiritually defend yourself, because both follow intention. If you don’t stand up for yourself if someone physically attacks you then you also don’t psychically, it’s the same thing. So a weak person gets attacked not only physically but they are constantly bombarded with psychic attacks which they are unwilling to defend. If you want to protect your mind and soul, you must first be willing to protect your body, or find someone who will do it for you.

Not only people can be defended, but also places. Anything that you consider to be your territory, for example your home and places you frequent, will be protected to some extent by your energy. You do this because it keeps out your enemies and you’ll be notified if they enter, which means you can relax while you are within your territory. You’ll find that any enemies you have will be somehow aware of what is your territory and either avoid it, or by entering it you will feel that as an attack, which it is. You also know that if you enter into their territory uninvited that they will take that as an attack, which it is. Public places, such as parks, offices or restaurants, can have layers of territory. For a restaurant you could consider that the owner is the King, the manager the Prince, the staff are Dukes, then maybe the frequent customers are Lords. Each will mark it themselves but will respect those above, and everyone will know the hierarchy. You can mark territory consciously, but most people do it unconsciously. To mark it requires an intention, conscious or unconscious, and an appropriate action/ritual, such as walking around the boundary of the territory. You’ll see people, usually men, doing this, if you pay attention: they’ll go for a little walk around the perimeter and pretend to be interested in this or that painting or plant while they do it as their excuse.

Typical Attack Strategies

The simplest form of attack is sending an army of footsoldiers. This is a brute force attack. It’s not very efficient and is only worth doing if the other person is already weak or if you already have a key to the city. This is a common tactic between people who are too dumb to think of something smarter, and it’s a common tactic used against people who are not going to defend because they can’t, such as a child, or someone who foolishly trusts the attacker, such as a spouse or close family member.

Another common attack strategy is a Trojan horse. A Trojan horse is hiding soldiers or spies inside something that looks like a gift. It is Trojan horses that the wall people are usually most scared of. A Trojan horse looks like giving energy, but once accepted it turns into an attack. A simple quarantine and inspection system takes care of this. This isn’t 500 BC anymore, you can take any strategy you see being used in the world and apply this internally, you only need to know how it works and then set the intention and it’s done.

Then there are spies. Spies are specialists. They specialize in getting through the opponents defenses unnoticed, and then do damage from the inside. The purpose of the spy is to find weaknesses in the opponent that can be taken advantage of, or to create disruption inside them to weaken them. The spies whisper into the ear of the King, pretending to help but in truth just confusing them. The spies tempt them with thing that are going to weaken them such as an excess of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy food, etc. The spies will also sow disinformation, such as attempt to convince the King that the allies are actually out to get them, and that the kingdom from which the spies have their allegiance is their only friend. Some spies are very patient and will genuinely help for a while, as they can receive information from the attacker, passing this genuine information to the King, and become a trusted adviser, before finally convincing the King to let in the entire army of the attacker for total domination. Some are so patient they can do this over several years.

It’s almost impossible to know whether such an adviser is really on your side or not. Luckily it doesn’t matter if one’s own Kingdom has a healthy intelligence service. The best strategy against such attacks is to assess every piece of information, no matter where it comes from, on its own merits, instead of trusting a voice/feeling/emotion unquestionably just because it has a history of being helpful. This is a good policy to have in general, both internally and externally.

Your physical boundary is also your psychic boundary. If someone touches you they are right up against your walls and if you let them do this you will not see their attack coming in time to come up with an adaptive defense. It’s already on top of you. So don’t let people touch you if you don’t trust them. But if you do trust them it also helps for giving-energy to flow easily. The same is true with sex: to have sex with someone is to let them in, that applies to both men and women. There is no more defense at that point, they are right in your throne room. If the person has good intentions towards you then all the energy flows and everyone has a big party; and if they have bad intentions they can ransack the palace and/or put spies everywhere. And they will too.

Traps, Illusions & Advanced Technology

As I said, anything that you understand externally can be applied internally.

The next level of defense after intelligence is traps. A trap is the simplest form of an illusion. For example, you can make what looks like a weak-point in your wall, perhaps an area with a crack or where the guards aren’t there sometimes, but in actuality this is an extra-reinforced section or has a trap-door that drops the invaders into a dungeon dug beneath, for example. Use your imagination. People fall for this left, right and center because they’re not expecting it, most people only learned psychic attack by feedback without really knowing what they are doing, so they always rush straight for whatever looks like the weakest point without analyzing.

A similar strategy is just having two walls. An inner walls and an outer wall. After the invaders have gotten over the first wall you have them in a cross-fire. For some reason very few people think of having two sets of walls.

Captured attackers are captured. They can be put to work in your fields and mines. So if you have clever traps then being attacked just makes you stronger and the attacker weaker.

Illusions can become more and more sophisticated, the limit is your imagination. You can make your defenses look weaker than they are, or look stronger. You can put manikins instead of soldiers everywhere to make it look from a distance like you are better defended than you are. You can build a weak-looking wall on the outside to make it look like you are nothing special.

You can build a fancy-looking palace, with just enough energy in it to look real, and store your actual energy in an underground vault. Then if you do get invaded the attackers will probably take this and leave, never finding your treasure.


The most sophisticated defenses I’ve ever come across are labyrinths. A labyrinth is a super sophisticated series of traps and illusions. This is an order of magnitude above the intelligence-based military strategy. The point of the labyrinth is to keep the attacker occupied, basically forever or until they give up, whilst at the same time stealing energy from them. They are unbelievably powerful, and they work as follows.

A labyrinth is not a maze. It’s a series of illusions in levels where each level is a trap and each level is increasingly more difficult to pass. It’s designed like a game; it is a game.

It’s important in designing a labyrinth to ensure that each stage is actually beatable in practice. This makes the attacker think that they are getting closer to the center, but in actuality they are doing nothing but playing into the trap. If they can’t get past a level at all then they’ll become suspicious and they might see through the illusion, but as long as they think they’re winning then they will keep on playing into your game until they give up of their own accord or lose all of their energy in the process.

The labyrinth doesn’t actually have an end. You start with a few standard levels, however many you want, and then if the attacker actually manages to pass these levels then you just keep on generating new levels as they come. This is easy to do because you’ll be using their energy to keep them trapped. They’re being lead around and around in circles. You don’t even have to pay attention to the attacker until they approach the final few levels, so most of the time once you’ve set a labyrinth you just become fairly invincible without any energy cost to you. The more people attack you, the more energy you get.

Each level also gives a prize to the attacker, in order to get the prize the attacker has to beat that level/game, which is always going to require more energy than the value of the prize. This makes them kind-of addicted to it, like gambling. The attacker thinks that they’ve stolen the prize from you, they don’t realize they were given it, so they think they’re gaining on you even though they never are, which again keeps them addicted and in the game. Each level gives a bigger and better prize, but also it required more energy to beat.

Sometimes they are happy with their prize and leave, having given more energy than they received. Sometimes they just keep on playing until they run out of energy. But everyone gives up eventually for one reason or another.

So how does this look in practice?

The labyrinth surrounds your entire Kingdom. It begins with an entrance. All entrances enter into the labyrinth. The first stage, the entrance, is usually the wall. You build what looks like a standard wall as they expect, but isn’t. They have to do something to get through that requires them giving energy. It could be anything.

The trick with getting energy out of them is down to how energy transfer works. If you get someone to play into your game, that means they are giving attention to the game, and attention is a form of energy. They are paying you to play your game.

If you build a wall for the purpose of defense they will attack the wall, which you have to then build back up again at energy cost to you. But in a labyrinth you don’t put up real walls, you just put up what looks like a wall but is actually an illusion. In a labyrinth it’s all illusion and all adaptive. A normal wall is always there. An illusory wall is just a picture of a wall, very cheap to produce at low energy cost, and it only pushes back against them if they try to walk through it, the rest of the time it’s just a picture: much more energy efficient! Because your walls are illusory they’ll find that no matter how much energy they put into trying to break the wall, it’ll look the same, because it’s not really a wall, it’s a picture of a wall that acts like a wall only when it needs to. So no matter how much they push against the wall it does not appear to do anything. But you could, for example, make it so that if they give energy to the wall, it starts to crumble. Once they’ve given you enough energy the wall cracks, they get through into the next level, and receive some nice prize for doing so, which is equal to maybe half of the energy that they just gave you to get through the wall.

Then maybe behind the wall are some guards that see them and run away. They’ll probably chase them, great. They’ll never catch them though, because they’re not real guards, they’re just a picture of guards. Let them chase for a while. The longer they chase them, the more they are playing into your game, and the more energy you are receiving from them. The cost of a picture of guards is very little, it’s just a picture. When you feel they’re starting to get suspicious then the guards disappear perhaps through a door. Entering the door the guards are now gone but there is another nice prize for the attacker! They think they’re getting somewhere.

This basically continues forever. They just get sent around and around in circles.

What if you want to let someone in? A labyrinth Kingdom is all illusion. For anyone you want to let in you just make a nice pathway materialize in front of them. Maybe with some nice paintings on the walls for them to appreciate, why not?

Labyrinths are also useful to test people. Let them think they’re in, which is really just an illusion, and see what they do. If they consistently act nicely then you can really let them in.

And how to beat a labyrinth?

Don’t play into it and don’t believe anything you see. It doesn’t matter which part of the labyrinth you attack because it’s all illusory and all the energy used to defend a labyrinth comes from a central energy pool. The only way to beat a labyrinth is to drain the entire kingdom of energy, and you won’t know how much energy they have because the illusions stay consistent until they can no longer be maintained. So you can attack any part of it, any wall, and nothing will happen, but you just keep on going. Seeing you do this will cause the defender to notice that you’re not playing into their game and you’re going to find more sophisticated illusions pop up around you in an attempt to distract you. Just ignore them. If you have more energy than the defender then eventually their illusion will falter and shut down. But they tend to be very clever and adaptive so it’s quite difficult to do this. For example, knowing that you know it’s a labyrinth they’ll probably do something meta like pretend to dissolve the labyrinth and pretend that you beat them. You’ll then find yourself approaching their treasure trove only to find out later that it was just a picture of treasure and that you’re still outside the walls. They got you!

If the labyrinth is more powerful than you then you basically have no chance of getting through it, they can do bluffs on bluffs on bluffs. If you’re not careful you might find yourself in an illusion where you think you won, stole everything and returned home, but actually you’re just trapped in their labyrinth in a copy of your own Kingdom and everything you do is just feeding them. That’s a lesson not to mess with those more powerful than you.

On the other hand, if you consistently don’t fall for their illusions, maintain a singular course regardless of what manifests around you, and they are getting scared of you then they’ll probably just give you what you want. Then you leave. Giving people what they want is a very good strategy for getting rid of them, especially if they were made to pay for it anyway.

I’ve faced a few labyrinths, and while I left when I received what I wanted, I have no way to tell whether I beat the labyrinth or whether they just gave me what I wanted so I’d go away. Probably the latter. Who knows what other treasures were hidden in the center? Of course the greatest reward that a labyrinth can give you is ideas and strategies for making your own labyrinth! Which, of course, is how I discovered it.

Life appears to itself be a labyrinth. Whose game are we in? See my previous article.

Spells, Curses, Binds, Implants & Parasites

In addition to typical attacks people can also embed permanent structures into your body. It requires a lot of energy to do this so it’s usually done slowly over time. The person will start doing it as soon as they have access to you and will continue to strengthen it until it’s strong enough to sustain itself. The culture you are in will also put on what it thinks are appropriate controlling mechanisms, which are put on you as a child, by basically everyone. These things exist within your energy field as actual things, and they can be seen (and removed) by someone who can see into your energy field.

A ‘spell’ is a generic term that covers basically everything, and it can do pretty much anything as long as it has enough energy. A spell is an intention, any intention and it is as sophisticated as the cleverness of the caster. A knowledge of computer programming is great for casting spells because that’s basically what they are: conditional logical algorithms. Most spells require ongoing energy by the original caster, but spells can be made to sustain themselves from your energy, or they can even be made to give energy back to the caster. Most people don’t know how to do that though.

Curses are spells that are there to make trouble for you. They’re going to interfere with what you do, ensure you always have bad luck, and just generally annoy you.

Curses and spells are best gotten rid of by attacking the caster. You know who the caster is because the curse/spell has their energy imprint on it, which leads back to them, so you can just intend to attack the caster. You don’t need to consciously know who it is, just trust that you know subconsciously.

A bind, or a binding spell, is the most common spell and it stops you from accessing a part of yourself or from taking a particular action, or seeing or knowing something. You can have a bind that stops you from going to a certain place, for example, or thinking of a particular thing, or taking a particular action. Or it might be gag that stops you from being able to say something. If someone deliberately hurts you and doesn’t want other people to know they’ll commonly put a gag on you, which is why you feel that you shouldn’t tell anyone even though that makes no sense. Cultural taboos are gags, for example. Binds can also stop you from knowing or seeing something obvious that everyone else can see, but you just don’t hear it even if they tell you and forever make excuses about it.

Binding spells and curses are removed by not feeding them. They want you to do something or not do something, and the more you cooperate the stronger the bind becomes. Most binds are broken immediately just by going against them once. Some of them are persistent but as long as you are persistent in not letting it control you then it’ll break soon enough.

If you try to do the thing which you have a binding spell against then you’ll find that you get the feeling that you really shouldn’t go there. The feeling is the feeling of not going there: feeling sick and disgusted and uneasy and your head will start to spin and cloud up and you’ll get all muggy and confused. That’s a bind. Stay calm and walk through it and it will break. You might also find you have a bind on a part of your body, for example your feet might be bound and then you’ll feel sick if someone touches them, which causes you to stop defending them and this becomes an easy attack point. Again, if you just go through it then the bind will usually break after only a few minutes, if not immediately.

Implants are usually metallic-looking structures such as plates, coils and chips. They’re similar to binds but very hard and they’re not adaptive. They only need to be put in and they’ll stay there until removed. They’re usually placed over or into energy centers in your body to block that energy, or to warp it. Chips take your own energy and convert it into negative energy so it just sits there in your energy field disturbing you.

Parasites are similar again but they’re organic in the sense that they can move, grow and adapt. Unlike implants they need energy to survive so they’ll sit in one of your energy centers and consume its energy, whilst excreting negative energy. Parasites also manipulate your thoughts and feelings to make you do more of what will strengthen them. Often parasites and implants go together, and pretty much everyone has both of these in them, and lots of them. Parasites can be difficult to remove.

Implants and parasites you can remove yourself but it’s difficult to do so, in the same way that it would be difficult to operate on yourself. It’s a good idea to go see an energy healer or psychic surgeon who specializes in removing implants and parasites. It’s fairly easy for people who know how to do it and all decent healers are familiar with them.

All of these are put in by other people maliciously in order to weaken or control you.

Crossover To Physical Reality

The world of form and the world of spirit are the same world. All spirit is contained within form. This means there will be some form of physical manifestation of any attack, defense or spell.

Actually, most physical fights between people are, when you analyze them, only rituals that symbolize a psychic battle. Take a classic verbal fight, for example: two men having a typical confrontation. Each person is trying to win. The first says “what are you looking at?” if the second actually answers the question then they lose, so instead they say “who’s asking?”, the first replies “I am”, and it continues as you have seen countless times. But what is actually happening? This is just a ritual that symbolizes a psychic battle. At some point one of them will submit, that person then feels like they’ve lost something, which they have, and the other feels like they’ve won something, which they have. If neither submits then the fight escalates into a boxing match, which is again just another ritual, since punching someone in the head with a closed fist is not really a very efficient way of hurting them. It’d be better to poke their eyes out, but they don’t do that because they’re not really fighting, they’re performing a ritual that symbolizes what is happening on an energy-level. The thing that matters is the energy, which is why both parties are happy to play a game as a substitute for the real fight, which is for energy, and of course to establish the pecking order.

A psychic attack without physical presence can manifest in any number of different ways. All of which can be thought of as different rituals or games that symbolize the battle. Imagination or dreams is one such form. You might imagine yourself in a fight with that person, or with another person who symbolizes that person, or in a situation that symbolizes the battle. The battle you are imagining is actually happening, so play to win or don’t play at all.

Physical exercise can also be used to symbolize psychic battles. Whilst exercising, whether running, swimming, climbing, yoga, etc. you will reach barriers. A little voice will tell you to “stop!” At the same time you might also start feeling angry or thinking of times in the past you’ve been disrespected. Your subconscious is attacking that person. Assuming you push through the barrier you will have overthrown the person and won back your energy, which you will receive as a rush of energy coming in. (Yes, there is a physical explanation for this effect, so what? There are physical and spiritual explanations for everything you care to investigate.)

You can even decide to attack a particular person and then do an exercise, or anything really, and whatever you chose will become the ritual which symbolizes the battle.

Taking Back What Was Stolen

You remember when someone has stolen something from you, and you remember who, even if only unconsciously. It will make you angry and the anger will stay in you forever, popping up from time to time. As long as you have feelings about this, the connection stays open, which means that that person can continue to attack you throughout your entire life. You can let this go and cut the connection, or you can fight for it.

Letting it go is not better than fighting for it. Often the person will give it back if you attack them because they need it less than you. If you are prepared to put more resources into fighting for it than they are prepared to put into defending it, they’ll just give it back. This applies even if they are much more powerful than you.

Often people who steal energy from others have no real use for it. They’ll take a piece of your soul and just keep it as a trophy, or use it as a footstool or something. When they see your army coming to take it back, chances are they won’t put up that much of a fight for something they don’t really care about.

If the person is more powerful than you then you can attack them with an ally at the same time. They’ll have difficulty defending against that.

It’s important to remember that it’s not the most powerful person that wins, it’s the person who is prepared to keep fighting longer and harder. Even if they’re ten times more powerful than you, as long as you’re committed their life is going to be a living hell until they give in. Your life will be too, but if you think it’s worth it then it will be you that wins in the end.

As I have said, there are many ways in which the psychic battle can be symbolized. However, I find that a good method is a combination of imagining yourself going back to the time that they took the thing and viciously attacking them in different ways until you win, and if that doesn’t work continue that in combination with the exercise approach. Alternatively you could go see them in person and demand they give back what they took. They’ll deny it and call you crazy and get all upset, that’s them losing, if you keep it up and don’t listen to what they say then they’ll return it and after that point avoid you.


We are continuously in psychic battles. Where else do you think energy, knowledge and power come from? Even learning to ride a bike is a battle for the energy-knowledge that is bike-riding. Every time you set yourself a goal you enter into a psychic battle with another being for that energy, whatever it may be.

Human beings are continuously attacking, defending, sharing, caring, giving and trading with one another. Knowing what is going on will help you to defend yourself against those with malicious intent.

I should say here that I know I’ve made it sound like everything is psychic warfare, and that’s not the case. In reality most human interactions are sharing and trade interactions, in which one person trades their energy for the energy of another or shares what they have. But we all know how trade, sharing and caring work so there’s no need for me to write an article about those aspects.

Hopefully now you have a decent enough understanding of battle magic and psychic warfare to protect yourself and take back what has been stolen from you.

Thanks for reading :)

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Alasdair Forsythe

Alasdair Forsythe

☯ Magician ⚔ Sorcerer ☀ Shaman ☤ Alchemist ♚ Baron of Blackness

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