Evil as a path to power, and how to defeat it

Alasdair Forsythe
8 min readMar 8, 2023

Willingness to to do evil is by itself power, and understanding that game is vital to the understanding of how to defeat it. To stop evil from controlling you, you must recognize it. First I will explain how doing evil gives power, and then I will explain how evil is weak and can easily be defeated.

Doing something horrific marks the soul. In the physical world you can hide these things, but in spirit we are inside-out and all your secrets are on display. Evil is by itself a type of power, for example: if you knew your neighbor went to prison for murder, you’d be unlikely to engage with them in a fight, likely they would get their way.

For spirit, this is even more true because to engage with someone in spirit means you feel and see what they are and everything they have done, so you are unable avoid seeing all the terrible things they have done.

As long as you’re unwilling to look at those terrible things and accept reality could be so horrific and anyone could be so despicable, any interaction which such a person or spirit results in your conscious self handing the reigns over to the unconscious. You are giving control to your unconscious just by not wanting to look at their ugliness.

The unconscious does the easy thing and submits to that person or spirit. Then you will do whatever they say, and cannot stop yourself from doing it. You will also believe anything they tell you to believe, which often includes the belief that you want to do things that are clearly detrimental to you. As long as you are unwilling to look evil in the eye, it will dominate you.

The result is that there is a competition to become the most vile, destitute and utterly soulless person. This is not a metaphor, this is literally true and is done not only by spirits, but also by people on Earth. In the pursuit of committing the most horrific, most unforgivable things, these people are willing even to betray and humiliate themselves and their own children… there is no limit, the more evil, the better.

But each occasion they commit a terrible act, they fragment their soul. Any part of their true self that is still left in them will leave, because it doesn’t want to be part of this perverse game. So their soul is split and split and split, until there is nothing left.

Meanwhile these people feel like gods. They think they are unstoppable. They believe they have discovered some great secret.

But it’s false power. It’s indirect power that comes from everyone else being a coward, and it only works on cowards. By being the most depraved spirit, they’ve in truth given away all their power. Each time they commit a sin, their soul splits and their power decreases. Their soul has been fragmented so many times it feels almost nothing. Basically their power comes from the fact that they’re so ugly no one wants to look at them, that’s not real power, it’s just blinding ugliness. All it takes to defeat them is to dare to look at them.

The more of your true self you have, the more true power you have. But true power has to be used, it’s not indirect. True power in spirit is not some mystical, magical thing that is bestowed upon you, it’s not even energy. True power is something you have had all along but didn’t recognize for what it was. True power is courage.

Courage is willingness to experience unpleasant things. It’s said that courage is not the absence of fear, and that’s very true but I want to elaborate on that:

True courage is not to charge into battle thinking that your courage will save you because courage is power. Rather, true courage is to charge into battle fully acknowledging that there’s a chance you’ll be cut into pieces. You don’t even have to make peace with that, you only have to do it. True courage is walking into the fear, letting it wash over you and keeping your composure despite not wanting to. Courage is to act in accordance with your true self and not to let fear interfere with your actions.

The weight of your courage is equal to weight of your soul. Meaning that the more you are your true self, the more powerful your courage is as a force, but there is a catch!

The catch is that the more you are your true self, the more sensitive you are, and therefore the more painful it is to see the evil being done. This is one interpretation of the many reasons why reality is in layers. Hells down below, heavens upon above.

Long story short: the greater power one has, the more it hurts to experience evil. Hence it’s not a simple matter for a “god” to travel down into this hellhole and help you. It hurts them to do so, and therefore they do so only when you deserve it. Generally speaking they’ll meet you halfway, which means in practice that it takes you to stand up before you’re given any additional help.

How to win a battle in spirit against an evil entity

This is how to win a battle in spirit against such as entity. This is for if you are aware of the entity, if you seem to be under attack but you can’t find the attacker, that’s a subject I’ll cover in future. The following technique can be used with a person, a spirit, a thought-form, a parasite, it’s all the same.

What you want is to let them try to scare you. You’re almost daring them to do their worst, and you’re just going to let it wash over you and shrug it off. So put on your hat and coat of courage, and expect the worst. The game is “Chicken”. They’re going to show you the nastiest part of themselves and you’re going to look at it without losing yourself. Instead you will either judge it and declare it disgusting and pathetic, or just dismiss it as nothing (whichever feels natural.)

They will lie and cheat and lie again. They will show you pictures of terrible things, telling you it’s the future unless you surrender. It’ll use your fears and your past against you. Don’t believe anything it says, anything you feel or anything you see. Know yourself.

It’ll project at you fear, powerlessness, sorrow, judgement, and the feeling of being small, weak and vulnerable. Do not believe the feeling. Just because you feel something, doesn’t make it true. That’s not you, that’s its feeling. Remember who you are and stay there.

Stay calm and composed at all times — this indicates you are in control of yourself. Expect them to try to break your composure, but don’t break it. If you are beginning to lose composure or control, summon more courage and look for the hook.

A hook is something you’ve overlooked. For example, perhaps you’re okay with a fight to the death, but you never addressed your irrational fear of grasshoppers. If they find this they may use it against you, and your unconscious will attempt to take over. You’re going to have to face your fear of grasshoppers. More likely the hook will be that you are doing something wrong, that you are bad in some way, “who do you think you are?”, “you know this is not you”, etc. to try to get you to let go of your faith in yourself.

Another tactic they might use, which is a type of hook but deserves its own mention, is to use rules to hook you, as most people are unable to break social rules. So you must be willing and courageous to break social rules or even laws. To clarify, you don’t have to literally break the law, you only need to not freak out if they push the feeling at you, because it’s only a threat.

It might pretend to be a lost part of you, your shadow, or your dead grandmother. This is a trick. You can feel exactly what this thing is if you trust your true self, trust your instincts. Don’t believe anything it says. If it really was on your side, it would take the hint, leave and come back later with more tact, it wouldn’t insist that you surrender and give it something. Urgency is always a bad sign. If it were a part of you, facing it would reintegrate it anyway.

Don’t fall for the trap of having to prove anything. You don’t need to prove you are not scared. In fact, it’s okay to even be scared. The only thing that matters is willingness to look.

Don’t forget they’re only making threats. Their threat is not a doing. You don’t have to retaliate in any way. If they ask you a question, you do not answer the question, unless you genuinely want to.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, that’s a hook too. The frame of mind to keep is called unbending intent. Just know yourself and stay there. Do not budge your mind no matter what.

Even if you don’t accept the threat happening, you can still shrug off the threat. For example, they might say “I will kill your whole family” in spirit. You don’t have to accept that it will happen in reality, but you do have to be willing to look at them manifesting a scene of that in a symbolic space and then pushing that at you. Don’t give in just because it can show you pictures of things, it’s not the future it’s showing you, it’s just a lie.

If you feel energy coming up and through you, directed at the other, let it come through and out. That’s your true self fighting back. It might take the form of an action, a sound, a shriek, or you might speak words. They might be words you know or words you don’t. You might dance around or wave your arms, or jump up and down. Whatever it is, go with it, unless you have reason to believe it’s coming from a place of fear.

In spirit that’s the whole game. In the physical world there is also physical violence which has different rules, and for that you need to learn martial-arts. But the threat of violence is not violence, only violence is violence, so don’t confuse those. If someone threatens you with violence, that’s a spiritual attack. If someone punches you, then the rules have changed and you need to shift to physical self-defense.

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