How energy healing actually works

Alasdair Forsythe
29 min readMar 21, 2019


In this article I will detail what energy healing is and how it works.

I understand that many energy healers do not like it to be defined, for the very valid reason that it tends to work better when you don’t put your beliefs onto it, but just let it do its thing. While that is true, it also itself becomes limiting past a point.

It’s the difference between learning how to play chess through practice, and learning by reading a book on chess techniques. Techniques are useless without practice, but at some point once you’ve got the feel for it, you can drastically improve your game by learning technique. These techniques are not rules they’re not supposed to limit your available options. They add to your available options and compliment your intuitive play. You can and should ignore the techniques when you feel it’s appropriate to do so, but that doesn’t mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater and ignoring techniques altogether. It’s the combination of intuition (feminine) and technique (masculine) that makes for the best players. The same is true with healing, and magic in general.

What I’m going to write in this article comes from a combination of: Reiki Master training, research that has been confirmed by testing and experience, personal experience giving healing sessions, visions that I receive on an ongoing basis, and having worked with many different healers (both on me and on other people.)

The last point, working with different healers, is of particular note because I could, ever since first getting involved in energy healing, understand what the other healers were doing structurally, even if they themselves weren’t aware of what they were doing. This taught me so much because each healer is using a different technique. Often they don’t themselves know what they are doing or how they are doing it, but somehow I am able to see, feel and/or understand what they are doing in the energy-field, which allowed me to see which techniques were more successful than others and in what context. I learned from each of them, just by witnessing them working, and I’ve put this together with my own techniques, visions and research, tried and tested by experience. Much of my experience also comes from work done on me, both by myself, other healers, and spirits that come to visit.

This is particularly valid to mention because it made me appreciate that even if the healer doesn’t know what technique they are using, they are still using some technique. An apple tree knows how to make apples but it doesn’t know that it knows how to make apples, and it doesn’t need to. Likewise it is not required for healing, or bike riding, or running, for you to really understand how you are doing it — but that’s not to say that you aren’t using a specific technique. However, just like bike riding and running, healing can be greatly enhanced by paying attention to the technique you are using and optimizing it accordingly.

Energy healing is a sub-category of general magic

Energy healing is a subset of magic. Specifically there is structural magic (designed, form-based, masculine) such as spells (and actually language, hence the term ‘spelling’), then there is natural magic (intuitive, subtle, feminine). Within natural magic there is black magic (attack & defense, masculine) which takes or blocks energy, and then there is white magic (healing, feminine) which gives energy.

Traditional energy healing is in the giving/white category of intuitive magic. This makes it one of the easiest forms of magic to learn, and we all do it instinctively.

Black magic is not bad magic

The word ‘black’ implies that energy is being received (not that it is evil), in the same way that a black object is absorbing light. The word ‘white’ implies that the energy is being given, in the same way that the sun is giving light out. To do any healing one person is giving and another receiving, so technically it’s always black and white working together.

Magic can be used to steal energy from people, but this is not the fault of the tool, in the same way that a knife can be used to cut vegetables or it can be used to threaten people — the difference is the intention of the person wielding it, it’s not that the knife is in itself bad. Black magic can be used to heal people surgically, defend yourself against attack etc. as I covered in my previous article Battle Magic & Psychic Warfare. White magic can also hurt people, for example it can create dependency deliberately and then withdraw it selectively in order to control the other person (a feminine energy approach to control, the masculine approach for the same effect would be threats of violence.)

For advanced healing you need the dark side, black (masculine) magic, to perform surgery on the higher energy fields to remove parasites and implants, which I will cover in the Advanced section of this article.

That’s enough about other forms of magic. Let’s concentrate on energy healing for the rest of this article.

Basics of energy healing

To perform energy healing you need only have the intention to do so in combination with an appropriate symbolizing action. That’s just a fancy way of saying that you need to do something, either putting your hands over that person or meditating on the intention. It’s not that the symbolizing action couldn’t be something else, you could go for a run with the intention to heal someone, but you’d probably get distracted — so the symbolizing action should be something that allows you to keep your focus, whilst also not straining your focus by trying too hard. It should just flow naturally.

The #1 criterion for a good healer is that they actually give a shit. If you really care and are capable of feeling love for strangers, then you make a good healer. If not, and you only care about your close friends and family, then you can be a good healer for them, if you want to be. There’s no problem with that, not everyone needs to be a healer — everyone has their own part to play. It would be a boring world where everyone was the same way.

Any positive/loving/caring thought is already giving healing energy to that person. So we’re all healing each other on a regular basis. However, when its done with a more direct intent and focus then it’s stronger.

Attunement / Initiation

You don’t need to be attuned or initiated into any healing modality. However, you can be and it has both advantages and disadvantages.

All the healing modalities work and they are all energy healing. The differences are in the technique, or framework that is given to you. A framework is a set of beliefs, a structure, a technique.

The advantages of learning a specific healing modality is that you’ll have access to the pre-existing belief, the structure/framework, of that modality. For example, in Reiki you get the symbols (I’ll cover symbols in detail later) and the belief that you are being healed at the same time as the receiver. This gives you a headstart. But the disadvantage is that the framework is also limiting. It’s like learning a martial art: all are good but mixed martial arts are better because you have more options. And over time everyone develops their own style that works well for them.

Specifically the attunements and initiations are a type of energy-transfer in which the teacher is sharing their healing techniques with you subconsciously — the technique is embedded in the intention of the attunement ritual. Honestly, the ritual itself could be anything, the actual actions of the ritual and your parts in performing that symbolize the giving and acceptance of the techniques embedded in the energy that is being shared. But you don’t need this, you can also just practice and it’ll come.

How rituals work

Any action is a ritual. The action symbolizes the amount of energy (time is energy, movement is energy, emotion is energy) that you are putting into the intention. It also symbolizes/proves that you actually mean it — if you say that you’re healing someone but you don’t dare to put your hands close to them then you obviously don’t dare to enter their energy field, so it’s not going work.

For example, saying “I love you” is easy (for most people) but buying flowers requires going out and actually getting the flowers and bringing them back. The action symbolizes the amount of energy that you are putting in, which the other person then receives.

Hand gestures also have pre-existing meanings. These both exist tangibly and intangibly, just like words. The word ‘table’ does have a tangible, pre-existing meaning but you could agree with your friends to use a new word instead, and it’d work perfectly fine as long as everyone has agreed on it. You could also decide with your friends that the word ‘table’ now means ‘chair’ and it’d also work fine as long as everyone agrees. Putting your hand out can mean “stop” for example. Waving your hand dismissively is dismissive. We’ve agreed on this culturally. So waving your hands around magically as if you’re doing something energy-like and mystical perfectly works fine as a ritual, because you know what it means and so does the other person.

In general, the longer and more sophisticated the ritual, the better. But that’s only true to a point, when the amount of physical time and energy put into the ritual matches the amount of energy in the intention then continuing the ritual will have no more effect — plus it tends to make people uneasy. The reason it makes people uneasy is that they’ll start to suspect you’re doing something more than you said, since you should be able to feel when it’s enough.

Physical presence or remote healing

In order to heal someone you need some form of connection. Physical presence is a connection, as is any kind of relationship with that person. This means that you can heal someone you don’t know if you’re physically present, and you can only remotely heal someone that you’ve already had some interaction with.

To remotely heal someone you need to be able to find them on the spiritual plane, think of it that you need to know their WhatsApp (the Internet is basically an imitation of the spirit world, so the same rules apply.) If you know someone’s WhatsApp you can talk to them (if they pickup) wherever they are. To get that person’s WhatsApp you need to have had some form of interaction with them, shared something, for instance a conversation. So you can’t remotely heal a random person you’ve never had any interaction with, but you can heal a random person whom you’ve just had a 5 minute Skype conversation with.

Some people do become very skilled at finding people on the spiritual plane, and can connect to someone they’ve heard about without communicating with them directly. They can do this in the same way that you can search for someone online, or ask around to get their number, without actually having met them. But it’s not a very useful skill, as there is really no reason to do this if you have their best intentions — better to get their permission.

When you heal someone with physical presence, you put your hands on or over them and the energy comes mostly out of your hands. On them is preferable because it helps the energy to flow into them more directly. Over them also allows you to feel the energy flow more but what you’re feeling is actually resistance. The tingly feeling of energy flowing is resistance — if there is no resistance at all then you don’t actually feel the energy flowing, it just flows. Therefore don’t get attached to feeling the energy, but trust that it is flowing.

Remote healing is no less powerful than healing with hands. Sometimes it’s better because you’re not choosing where the energy goes, but allowing it to go to where it’s needed most, as directed by your subconscious and theirs. But healing with hands can be more fun because it’s more tangible! Both work more or less as well as each other.

They need to pickup

The other person has to accept your healing. Unless the person is unusually (and probably dangerously) open, you won’t be able to remotely heal them unless they know and have accepted that you are doing it right now. You can also do it forwards or backwards in time, but again they need to have agreed to it, and it’s confusing to arrange to heal someone at a different time.

It is a two-way street, you can’t heal someone who doesn’t want to be healed or is intending for it to not work (e.g. it conflicts with their anti-spiritual beliefs), either consciously or subconsciously. That said, you might be able to do it if you were very powerful and willing to be invasive, but again, not a very useful skill. More likely you’ll just end up in a psychic battle with that person who will see your attempted entry into their energy as an attack and will probably retaliate.

For healing with physical presence, the fact that the person is letting you put your hands over them is at least some acceptance. They might still be guarding parts of their body though, especially the hurt parts, which incidentally are the parts that need healing most. Hence trust is paramount. If the person doesn’t trust you then you’re just wasting your time, and theirs. Energy healing is typically using soft, flowing energy which is non-invasive so if they put up a wall then nothing will flow.

Where does the energy come from?

This is the most misunderstood part of energy healing. There are different opinions. Some people believe the energy comes from the universe and is channeled through the healer (that’s what Reiki teaches), other people believe the healer is using their own energy. Both are true.

If done properly, you are using your energy but you can create, for practical purposes, an infinite amount of your own energy. You are like a factory that generates your energy and you are so efficient at it that it costs you very little to generate. You can generate it as fast as you can give it out, so its almost infinite for practical purposes. Everyone’s energy is different, so every healer has a different energy.

This is only true so long as you have the intention to give that which you have. Unfortunately, many people who are beginners to energy healing try to give the energy that they most value — which is the energy they don’t have! They do this because they automatically assume the other person needs the same energy they need (what they don’t have), and because in the same way that you can’t taste your own tongue or smell your own smell, they are so accustomed to their own energy that they don’t feel it. Hence you have to trust that you do have infinite of your own energy without actually being able to feel the feeling of being you — you do feel it, it’s just that you’re accustomed to it. And if you start to run out you’ll definitely know because you’ll feel like you’re losing yourself or dying! If you feel fine then you have plenty.

You don’t have very much of the energy you don’t have! And you need it! Hence people who try to give energy (give what they don’t have) very quickly become drained and feel low-energy after giving a healing.

I’m sure this interpretation is at least closer to the truth than the channeling or using-your-energy beliefs because (1) every healer observably does have a unique energy, and if it were chanelled then it wouldn’t be so unique, and (2) it is observably true that you have a more-or-less infinite supply of that, and (3) people who have taken my advice and stopped trying to give the energy they most value no longer become drained.

To do this you simply trust that you have the energy and intend to give that which you have. You only need to set that intention once and then just relax into the healing, without straining or trying, and it flows smoothly. After setting that intention a few sessions in a row then it’s set subconsciously and you will no longer need to even think about it. It’s also very useful to do this, i.e. giving only what you already have, as a general life rule.

How does healing actually work?

Your energy is your story; it’s you. It’s the story of how you got to where you are, including how your ancestors got to where they are (since you were born following exactly those instructions.) It’s millions of years of evolution of problem solving and adaptive growth. Hence your energy contains within it the solution to every problem that you’ve ever overcome.

If you get a disease your immune system fights it off. Once fought off you now have resistance or immunity to that disease. Why? Because your immune system learned the strategy that defeated the disease. The word ‘strategy’ makes it sound very formal and masculine, but the strategy is actually a story not a set of rules.

For me to get from my villa to the beach I don’t just go left, then straight, then right, then straight (which are rules.) I do do that, but also I have to avoid the dog sitting in the road, and I have to wait for a gap in the traffic, etc. It’s a whole story to get from A to B containing both rules and events that require adaptability. If you try to follow only the Google Maps directions blindfolded, then you won’t get there, and you also won’t get there if you overcome obstacles whilst walking in a random direction — both are necessary.

That metaphor is precisely how energy healing works. Your energy contains the story of how you overcame a similar problem. What you are doing is subconsciously teaching them methods for overcoming their problems.

This of course only works if you have overcome a similar problem yourself. Everyone has different experiences, so everyone has something to offer, but it really works when the person being healed has an issue that you have already overcome yourself. And that is why different people are attracted to different healers, and it’s why sometimes your energy has a big effect on one person and a small effect on another.

What you are also doing is just giving them energy that can be used for anything their body wants to put it toward, and sometimes it’s what that person needs because they’ve already figured out how to solve the problem, they just don’t have the energy to do it. However, if they haven’t figured it out and you haven’t either then you are only helping them temporarily — it won’t last. They’ll feel better for a short while and then go back to exactly how they were before once they’ve used up the excess energy they just got from you. That said, they could be using the energy to help them figure out how to overcome their problem, so it’s not necessarily that it was wasted.

This is also why one healer can only help so much. Someone who is looking for healing is best advised to visit many different healers, as each may be able to offer a different piece of the puzzle.

To be more exact, your energy is both just energy and also your story, but they can just ignore the story and use it as energy, i.e. dissolve it and convert it into their own energy, if they prefer. Like you do with food.

Healing hurts

It’s not getting damaged that hurts, it’s healing that hurts. If you get cut the pain comes immediately after the cut. It’s not the alcohol that hurts, its the hangover. It’s not theft itself that hurts but realizing that something is missing and having to now cope with that. This is why people avoid healing, because healing hurts.

If you’re a healer you’ll find that some people are attracted to you, these are people who need your energy and want to heal. Some people don’t have an opinion either way, those are people whose issues are not ones you can help with, that’s fine, you can still be friends. And some people are actively hostile for no apparent reason, those are people who you could heal but they can’t face the pain and hence when they’re around you they are in pain and blame you for it (which you can avoid by intending to not help them.)

What you get in exchange

If you are healing someone you also get energy from them, specifically their energy. That’s fine because they have an infinite amount of their own energy. It’s a two-way street. Maybe their energy is great for you, maybe you don’t need it. Don’t try to block their energy coming to you too, else you’ll be simultaneously blocking your energy going to them.

This is why in Reiki it’s said that you are healed at the same time as the person being healed. Although in Reiki it’s described as you being healed as the energy is channeled through you. I suspect there is an element of this, in the sense that you’re refreshing your supplies by digging into your energy reserves whilst simultaneously generating fresh energy from the energy all around you. But for the most part I believe the energy you receive comes from the other person. This is observable in that you feel differently after healing different people.

Receiving negative energy from the other

I’ve heard it said that some people receive negative energy from the person they are attempting to heal. This doesn’t happen to me, and that’s mostly because I don’t believe it, which is the same thing as to say that I don’t accept it.

You don’t have to be open to receiving random negative energy from the other. BUT if you’re scared of receiving negative energy then you are opening yourself up to it. Being scared of something is in a weird masochistic way, kind of like wanting it, or at least it encourages it to happen. You tend to get what you are afraid of, or perhaps more correctly: you get what you put your attention on (positive or negative.)

I suppose the best advice here is that if you do feel that you would absorb negative energy from someone, either don’t heal them, or do with the intention to face that fear. If you fear it then that implies that it will happen, so face the fear or avoid it.

Some people perform cleansing rituals after a healing to ‘get rid of’ negative energy they may have accidentally absorbed. That’s okay, but for me the intention of simply not accepting that energy seems to do the trick just fine.


Symbols are fairly straightforward. In Reiki symbol usage is common, less so in other modalities. Basically a symbol is just like a word, it is a form that is associated with a more-complex intention/meaning and so you can imply the entire intention just by thinking of or drawing the symbol that has been previously defined to mean that intention. In the same way I can say ‘table’ and you know what I mean without me having to describe what it looks like; the word contains the meaning (just like form contains energy.)

You don’t need symbols, but they can also be very useful. It’s a matter of personal preference.

The advantage of receiving pre-defined symbols from your modality is that they are given to you with the intentions built-in. You accept both the symbol and its associated intention, and when you use the symbol your intention is that it does what you believe it should do. So it does. It’s another headstart again, good for beginners. But there is no reason why you can’t make your own symbols with intentions you define, or just go with the flow and put out an intuitive intention that the energy will do whatever is best for the person being healed. Different approaches work better for different personalities, so it depends on you.

Intermediate level

I will now dive into more advanced healing, first intermediate level.

The following are methods that I’ve found by experience tend to increase the healing effect.


Breathing deeply and regularly really makes a tangible difference. It allows you to generate energy faster and more efficiently, since breath is where a lot of your energy comes from.

Breathwork is one of those area where technique really does have an effect that’s clearly advantageous to only intention. Good breathwork means better healing, I’ve never seen an episode where it did not help.


Being grounded, i.e. your feet touching the ground, also works very well and especially in combination with good breathwork. Feel the energy coming up through the ground and into you on the inbreath, and then flowing out of you on the outbreath.

Attention to the energy flow

A passive attention to the energy flow and/or energy field works wonders. When I say passive intention I mean that you should not try or strain to feel it, but know that you are feeling it and gently will the feeling to become more tangible on its own accord.

This passive, non-straining, relaxed attention is key to good energy flow. Second best is letting your mind wander. Worst is actually trying to give energy.

You can also practice healing on your own by just feeling the energy in your fingertips, hands or other parts (or all of) you body. The passive attention on that part of you body will cause it to become more sensitive and tingly, which means more energy is flowing into that area. With a little practice you can charge any part of your body with energy in this manner.

Love and intuition

If you can summon feelings of love, or any other feeling that you intuitively feel is appropriate for that person, that tends to increase the healing effect. Again, don’t force it. If it doesn’t come to you naturally then don’t worry about it — maybe you’re already heading in the right direction.

The feeling that people call ‘love’ is not the same for everyone, it’s a blanket term that means whatever that person feels they need at the moment — although for most people that doesn’t change during their life. With a little practice and empathy you can usually intuit what that person needs. Again, allow it to happen but don’t force it.

Looping through the rainbow

I read this in a book and tried it, and it worked remarkably well. Going through the colors of the rainbow and imagining each of the colors seems to increase the healing effect. I believe this is because each color has an associated energy, and each color is associated with a different chakra, and so by looping through them all you are intending to provide the full-spectrum of energy.

I usually do: bright red, fiery orange, sun yellow, grass green, sky blue, deep blue, violet, deep purple, copper, silver, gold, white.

Structures, clouds, bandages, etc.

You can intend to do all kinds of things. Intend to create a cloud of energy that follows the person around, slowly giving it to them. Intend to wrap them in healing bandages, etc.

It all seems to work, and it’s sometimes nice to end a session with one or more of these things which gives the person being healed a little extra pep.

Of course not everyone likes using structures, so do what feels right for your own style. Technically this is getting into spells, i.e. design-based, structural magic (masculine), rather than intuitive magic (feminine), but that’s OK.

Masculine & feminine energies

When you are healing you are using a combination of masculine and feminine energy, as we all have both. But in general men have more masculine energy and women have more feminine energy — and it’s usually a lot more, not just a little difference.

Really both are needed for the very best healing sessions. Masculine energy is much more invasive, like a sword or a needle that goes directly to the point of injury and removes problematic energy that is causing the block. Feminine energy is much more healing in that it encourages regrowth, seals energetic wounds, etc.

With too much masculine energy you can fix the problem and then leave the person with open wounds in their aura, which just causes another problem, and makes it easy for the negative energy to take root again. With too much feminine energy you often can’t get to the root of the problem at all, and you’re basically requiring their body to do that itself and so you are just providing the energy for their body to heal itself and helping with the regrowth.

Having a man and a woman both healing the same person at the same time works absolute wonders. However, you can also develop more of the other complimentary energy inside yourself, by practicing it and getting into the feeling of it.

I’ve discovered that my left hand more easily gives feminine energy and my right hand more easily gives masculine energy. Who knew!? Makes sense though.


Now we step into the advanced territory. Everything I’ve said thus far is all working on the first level of the aura, and although it bleeds into the other levels, you can affect the other levels directly.

Our physical bodies are level one and are form-based, that is they have a tangible and physical form. The next level is the aura, which is energy-based, like a soft cloud of energy, and that is usually where you are working. But the levels go on, alternating between form and energy. The next level after the aura is another form-based level, in which you can visibly see (with your internal vision) the structure or pattern that the physical body is attempting to match. In this level you can see the blocks, parasites and implants that are causing the disruptions in the aura and the physical body. These things actually exist physically in that energy level.

Often clearing the energy-field is only temporary because there is a block, parasite or implant on aura level 2. You’re clearing and healing the effects of it on aura level 1, but you’re not removing the root cause.

Now, I know that it’s common belief that the root causes are all emotional or belief based. However, emotions and beliefs are physical structures on higher levels of the aura! They actually exist in reality as forms on a higher frequency. The same is true with imagination, it actually exists as a reality in this world but on a higher level.

If you can see into this level, which you can do with intent and practice, then you can effect that level directly.

Implants, binds & gags

Implants are metallic-looking structures, i.e. they are hard and they don’t move. It’s my belief that these are put in my other people, or potentially by spirits, but usually by other people. Implants are typically coils, needles, or chips. Once I saw an entire head-cage, and I’ve also seen chastity-belts. Basically anything that you can think of in this physical plane can and has been put in energetically into the 2nd level of aura, since both of these are form-planes and so both are following more-or-less the same physical laws.

There are also binds that are sort of fabric or skin based, also put in by other people. Taboos for example, exist as binds like gags over the mouth or throat that stop the person from saying something. Someone who has been abused frequently has such gags to stop them from talking about it.

These things are put in by the malicious intent of other people. Just like for healing you don’t need to know what you’re doing, but you are still doing something specific… to put these things in people don’t need to know they are doing it, they do it subconsciously. This does not mean that they were not doing it on purpose. Anything you do subconsciously is done on purpose, if anything your subconscious is more honest about your true intentions (good or malicious) than your conscious/known self.

These solid-structures are easily removed, because they don’t fight back. They’re just things. To remove them they need to be removed in the same way that you’d remove the same thing if it existed on this physical plane.

The 2nd level of aura, which is form, is more reactive to imagination than this physical plane. People put these implants in with imagination, and so you can remove them by imagining how you would remove them here. You can imagine yourself with a hack-saw, for example, and cut it off. But you’d better be careful not to damage the person. Sometimes they are just clipped on and can be clipped off. Sometimes they are screwed in, and the screws can be screwed out… delicately as it’s painful for the person. You should be able to see how it was put on, and so you can take it off the same way.

It’s worth noting that while you are imagining yourself interacting with the second level of aura, you do need to not over-imagine by imagining that what you did worked when it didn’t — it does has to actually work. This is a different type of imagination to just imagining things. Really it’s just closer to imagination, but isn’t actually imagination. If you push something, it should move by itself, you don’t just imagine it moving. We should have another word for interacting with the 2nd aura level. Anyway, you’ll get the hang of it with practice. Just be delicate — you’re in someone else’s body!

Needles are fairly easy to remove, you make small incision and delicately pull them out. Coils are a little harder, sometimes they have to be snipped into smaller pieces to pull them out without damaging the energy-body of the person more than is absolutely necessary. Obviously heal and bandage-up the wounds afterward.

Chips are weird because they are sort of advanced technology implants. Genuinely, I didn’t believe in such a thing until I saw it for myself, and only afterward did I find out that other healers have seen them too. Anyway, they can be removed fairly easily. They appear to emit unhealthy frequencies that disturb the mind and body of the person they are in.


Yuck! These things are nasty. They exist as the fauna of that plane in the same way that parasites exist on this plane. They tend to sit inside the energy centers, such as chakras and consume that energy, or they sit along the spine. Often you’ll find chips and parasites go together, I believe this is because the disturbing frequency emitted by the chips either attracts the parasites, or else it weakens the surrounding body which allows the parasite to take root.

The ones I’ve seen look like centipedes, lots of little spiky legs and a head with teeth. I’ve also seen ones with tendrils, sort of like an octopus, or like the roots of a tree, that grow throughout the body.

If they have spiky legs, you can’t really pull them out so easily. If you can get the other person to work with you, it’s easier. They can command their body to reject the parasite at the same time you pull it out, by imagining the flesh around the parasite turning slippery as you pull — I’ve found this much more effective than the first thing I tried, which was just cutting them out. You can also cut the tendrils off and remove them piece by piece, but then you risk leaving some of it in there. If you don’t get the head, it may grow back. Basically they’re removable but it’s a process that requires patience and persistence. As I said, if you can communicate with the person being healed and work together, it’s much easier.

The parasite will also fuck off if it’s not getting the negative energy it feeds on. So you can get rid of them just by healing the first level of the aura combined with the person changing their beliefs and the behavior that is sustaining their negative-thought-pattern or negative-belief. However, it’s a sort of chicken or egg situation because it’s also the parasite that’s causing the negative-behavior and thought-patterns, so telling them to just change their belief is like telling them to just reject the parasite. Try removing it surgically, and healing the 1st level of aura, and them changing their negative beliefs, behavior and thought-patterns.

The mind is the body, the body is the mind

Everything in your body, and aura, which is also your body, influences your mind. Your opinions are not just your opinions, they’re the opinions of everything in you. Your beliefs are not just your beliefs, they’re the beliefs of everything in you.

When a parasite is dying, the host feels that pain, because it is in them. Technically it is part of them. When the parasite is hungry the host wants what the parasite feeds on. This is one of them problems with such things; the person being healed is also partly the parasite! If the parasite doesn’t want to be removed then the host feels at least partially the same way. Hence the person needs to learn how to differentiate between their own feelings and the feelings of other entities that are possessing them. Generally the trick is that the loud, demanding voices are not really them, and the quiet persistent voice they know really is speaking the truth — that’s the real them.

The same is true of chips, they influence the mind of the host. They programme them, make them do things they don’t want to do, etc.

This is why changing beliefs is so hard. The negative behavior is actually good for some part of the body (i.e. the parasite), it’s probably just not a part that is supposed to be there.

Additionally, parasites and chips can be advantageous at some periods of life, in desperate times. Often people invite them in at dire times of their life because the energy that the parasite provides makes them stronger, helps them to not feel, helps them to ignore the truth, helps them to be more aggressive when they didn’t otherwise have the energy to do so. It helped them in one desperate circumstance when they had no one else to turn to, and then it refuses to leave. Or it tricks the host, telling them that it can help them, and maybe it does for a while, and then stops doing so when they’ve become dependent on it.

Sometimes the person actually does still want the parasite because even though it’s causing all kinds of trouble in them, they are dependent on its energy. For example, they are not prepared to face something in their life and the energy of the parasite keeps them sedated. In this case there is nothing that can remove it, they’ll secretly thwart all attempts to remove it.

Because the person may have invited the parasite in, many years ago, telling it “thank you for what you’ve done for me, I do appreciate it, but sadly we need to go our separate ways now” can work. Once in the parasite will have grown with the person, and could have been there since infancy, so in a weird way they’re kind of like partners. Old friends. I’ve personally had a particularly stubborn parasite that resisted all attempts to remove it but finally left when I told it “I’m sorry, you’re hurting me, I don’t hate you, it’s just our time together is over.” It’s like a break-up!

Because of all this, the person really has to choose to change their beliefs, and act accordingly, which often means acting against their feelings (which are the feelings of the parasite, not just their own.) Then they have to go through the pain of the parasite dying, because it is in them and so they feel it’s pain. This they must choose to do, and act against their noisy feelings in favor of the subtle quiet voice that whispers the truth. It’s tough. And that’s why energy surgery is useful for fast-forwarding this process.

These parasites incidentally are the same thing as what are also called evil spirits. But on the second level of the aura, this is what they look like. On the first level, they look more like spirits.

Super Complex Stuff

I did a trial a year ago in which I hired 20 experienced meditators to meditate on a symbol with the intention of sending healing energy into a pool, whilst simultaneously drawing energy from the pool. So everyone was healing everyone else simultaneously and they could connect into it at any time. This was all based around a symbol programmed with a sophisticated spell/intention which includes various terms and conditions, including how it connects forward or backward in time, can only share positive energy, etc. (A spell in this context is sort of like a contract, sort of like a computer programme.)

After a few rounds of trial and error to tweak the spell… it worked! The feedback from the group was incredibly positive, many of them saying how much their lives were improving, and I could feel the energy every time I connected into it. I learned a lot from this, especially about what does and doesn’t work when attempting to do group, remote healings over time and distance. Unfortunately when I stopped paying the people to do it, they stopped doing it. This was extremely disappointing because I thought they’d continue, but all went straight back to their normal lives without the money incentive to stay a part of it. So there’s a lesson in there somewhere about how most people don’t actually want healing; they want to just live their lives as they are already doing. In their defense, there’s nothing wrong with that! (But I admit I’m disappointed by the experience.)

I give this example as an example of the lengths you can go and the vast possibilities for healing, energy work and magic. However, there is another lesson I learned from this experience, which is that we do exist within a framework of spiritual laws. It did take some tweaking before the spell took, it does have to be defined according to certain rules. You can’t just make stuff up. Specifically you need to know how it works if you trying to create something new, and you build on existing foundations to create new things. If you are just intuiting then what you are doing is using techniques and structures that already exist, that someone else previously created. That’s fine, but if you want to do something that’s not been done before, or solve a problem that’s never been solved, then you do so by building a new structure out of existing structures… in the same way that you can build a new poem out of previously existing words, or a new house out of previously existing bricks.


I hope I’ve not missed anything. I think that covers more or less all of level 1 and level 2 aura healing, both intuitive and technique-based, and even a little spell-work for good measure.

I hope it helps, and remember: you don’t need to follow anything I’ve written here, do what feels right for you!

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