Psychic Self-Defense: Defending Against Psychic Attack and Psi Vampires

Alasdair Forsythe
27 min readApr 28, 2020


If you are depressed without obvious reason, hearing voices, feeling suicidal, always feeling drained, feeling under attack without obvious cause, having random panic attacks, or similar symptoms, I can help you.

Human beings do not get randomly depressed, live in a constant state of fear, or hear voices telling them to kill themselves… for no reason. It’s not a chemical imbalance. It’s a psychic attack, and these types of attacks are so common, everyone experiences them. In this article I will tell you exactly how to protect yourself against psychic attack and stop it from happening to you ever again.

Magic is becoming more tangible in this world every day. Techniques for both healing and for psi-attacks are evolving at an enormous speed. What can be done with both are expanding almost on a daily basis. The connection between healing and psychic attacks, including both shadow-spirit attacks and psi-vampire attacks, is under-appreciated by almost all healers, but reasonably well understood by spirits and psychic vampires — giving them a slight advantage. It’s a fox and rabbit game. To put it simply: energy healers are not keeping up to date on the evolution of psychic vampirism, humans who are, either consciously or subconsciously, stealing energy. Whereas the vampires are quite up to date with what’s going on in the healers’ world. This is willful ignorance on the part of healers, many of whom prefer to deny the truth rather than face it.

Spirits are real. Energy is real. Magic is real. Most people do not believe in these things, some do. Those who do can consciously manipulate energy. Many good things can be done with magic and energy, but on the dark side it can be used to control people, drain them of life-force, possess them, and essentially manipulate them into thinking or feeling anything.

What is the Spirit World?

What I am calling ‘magic’ is the manipulation of spirit (energy is spirit.) There are multiple layers of spirit worlds, and we exist to some extent in all of them simultaneously. The physical world is itself a spirit world, just a very stable and hard one. Beneath it exists what I generally call ‘the spirit world’ which looks almost the same as the physical world, but with slight differences. The spirit world exists here and now, in the same space as the physical world, and it looks kind-of the same, with the same trees and houses and people, but everything is made of a finer, less tangible and more easily manipulated substance. What’s more, everyone’s spirit bodies will be doing what they are actually feeling. To be exact, what you feel in the physical world is being done in the spirit world. For example, four people sit around a table in the physical world, talking. In the spirit world you might see them doing that, but instead one of them might be strangling another, or two of them might be having sex. To be honest with you, the spirit world is wild… people are doing everything they suppress physically, so there’s a lot of sex and a lot of violence.

The spirit world also has another world below it, and the physical world has another above, but to keep things simple, let’s just talk about two places that exist together: the world of form, what we call the ‘physical’ world, and the spirit world. The relationship between the physical (form) world and the spirit world, is a masculine/feminine relationship. The physical world provides security and stability for the spirit. It is your physical body that defends, protects and contains your spirit. All of your feelings come from spirit. Everything you feel, is happening physically in spirit. That’s what feelings are. If you feel emotionally hurt it is because your spirit body is physically hurt. If you feel in high spirits, it is because your spirit body is energized. If you feel that someone is hurting you, even if they are acting nicely, it is because they are hurting your spirit body. A psychic attack is an attack on your spirit body, which is an attack on your physical energy and emotion. This isn’t just a metaphor; I can see it with my eyes. If you integrate your shadow, you’ll see it too.

The real question is: why can’t everyone see the spirit world? It’s because of rejection, suppression and denial. Your body and your spirit (or spirit body) don’t have to work together. They choose to work together, or not. So to answer the question, the reason why most people cannot see into spirit is because they don’t have any spiritual eyes because they are not communicating with their spirit. This is also true physically: your brain doesn’t necessarily know what you heart is doing unless they communicate. They can function independently to keep you alive, but you’ll lose contact with your heart if you ignore it, reject it or deny it. The same is true with spirit. If you reject your spirit body, which everyone who denies its existence does, then it doesn’t cease to exist, but it acts on its own. The effect is, if you don’t believe in spirit, you reject it, and if you reject it then you don’t see it. By rejecting your spirit body, your soul is split into two pieces, both of which are conscious but you are only one part of it. You exist here in the physical world, and your other-half exists in the spirit world, and neither of you can see the other, yet you still have massive influence on one another.

This results in a sort of tragedy/comedy because your body is looking for your spirit, your spirit is looking for you body, they are mostly occupying the same space most of the time, but neither can see the other. Each of them does what they can to survive, but their survival is inherently linked, and they need opposite things to survive. It becomes a war with oneself. The spirit needs form, and the body needs spirit. Long story short: the spirit will try to find safety in someone else’s body, and the body will try to steal someone else’s spirit. Both unsatisfactory, and both end up feeling abandoned and betrayed.

So in practice, as long as you continue to suppress any positive or negative aspect of yourself, your soul is split into multiple semi-conscious pieces. You are one of these pieces. It just so happens that you are one of the physical body pieces, because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Your spirit will probably also be split into multiple pieces, usually at least two, and these are called: the shadow and the golden shadow.

Shadows & Chakras

‘Normal’ people who don’t believe in these things are also extremely dangerous. Why? Because every part of yourself that you reject goes into your shadow. What is a shadow? It’s every part of you that you reject. Any aspect of your personality that you are unwilling to show to the world still exists in a semi-conscious spirit that is a part of you but you ignore it. There is the golden shadow, which is all the good things about yourself that you reject because you were told to be humble, a trick to weaken you. You forever seek this part of yourself and fantasize about it, but it is your own rejection of your own positive-aspects that cause you to lack them. Then there is the dark shadow: the parts of you that you don’t want anyone to know about. All of your angers, fears, jealousy and guilt are here. This thing is alive and acts on these impulses whenever you don’t.

If someone feels jealous or angry toward you, for whatever reason, and attempts to hide it, their shadow will attack you spiritually. How bad can it get? Very, very bad. The shadow is the worst parts of that person, with the good parts removed, so there are essentially no limits to its evil. What’s more, this doesn’t necessarily go away if this person dies. If there is enough energy ‘suppressed’ into the shadow, it will survive and continue to torment those whom it dislikes even after the death of the original owner of the shadow. The deceased’s soul will eventually come back for this piece of themselves — in the meantime, it’s gone rogue.

Then there are psychic vampires, people who have learned to steal your spirit to make up for their own lack. Most are proud of their condition, they have their own books and websites, and share information on new techniques they’ve learned to leech energy from their prey. You can read all about it in one of their canonical books: The Psychic Vampire Codex (I won’t link to it, but it’s worth a read to know your enemy, you can find it on Amazon.) Lower-level psychic vampires tend to be unconscious of their activities, although that doesn’t stop them from draining you. Those that have more need to ‘feed’ or are themselves more sensitive to spirit eventually realize what they are doing and find their kin, learning how to feed consciously, and more efficiently in the process.

Psychic vampires are all created, not born, despite their own romanticization of their condition — everyone wants to feel special. As the stories go, to be bitten by a vampire makes you a vampire. Likewise to be bitten by a werewolf makes you a werewolf, and to be bitten by a zombie makes you a zombie. The message here: people who are abused become abusers themselves. Generally speaking, you become the monster that hurt you. This is true, but it is true in ability — not in necessity. You were taught the skill, but no one is making you use it. If you were abused as a child, you need not also abuse. However, there is a pull do to so because if you do you will temporarily get back the thing that was taken from you, essentially you steal someone else’s spirit to make up for the missing part of your own. This gives temporary relief but it doesn’t last because it doesn’t quite fit and will always be trying to get away from you. You will then feel even worse and need to do it again — it’s like being addicted to a drug. This is the coward’s way out.

Psychic vampires are psychic vampires because they have a bust chakra, one of their energy centers is malfunctioning because they were abused when they were little (probably unconsciously), by someone in their life who was themselves abused (probably a parent.) Or, the same thing seen from another perspective: part of their spirit has been fully stolen by someone else and is working for that person and not them. Either way, because they cannot generate a particular type of energy they need to survive, they — being cowards — take it from another. They do to others what was done to them.

This theft or destruction of an important part of the person tends to happen in infancy, but it can and does happen in adulthood too. The person then has the following options: beg, borrow or steal, the energy they need. If they choose steal they become a vampire. If they choose borrow, they become indebted to loan-shark spirits they must later repay or fight off. If they choose beg they become whiny victims. And the other option is to trade, for example sex, for the energy they don’t have. Most people fall into one or more of these categories to a greater or lesser extent.

Vampires can heal. Vampires are victims themselves, otherwise they would heal naturally. The process of healing is the same as the process for psychic defense as I propose below. To defend is also to heal, because your spiritual body will heal naturally if you can stop the attacks. Healing is not so much about healing as it is about stopping the attacks and getting back what was lost. If you are a vampire, you can follow my advice and, when healed, have all the energy you need without having to feed. If you are being attacked by a vampire, by a shadow spirit, a spirit of the deceased, or a spirit unconnected to a human, you can stop that by following my advice. It’s all the same process.

Feed or Possession?

An attack can be directly for energy, which can be an attempt to trigger an emotional response from you, attempting to get you to release emotional energy so it can be easily sucked up (common for unconscious vampires), or it can be a direct feeding on your spirit body. You have differing levels of energy within the spirit body, the most obvious layers are: surface, aura, and soul, roughly speaking. This is a simplification and the labels shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it’s useful for understanding. The surface level is the energy that is your excess and your fruit, so as long as its taken in small doses you usually don’t mind. A drain on the aura level will start to seriously piss you off and you will feel that you are being drained of energy, because this is your reserve, your bank account so-to-speak. A soul feed (or ‘deep’ feed) means the person is actually eating you — you will feel like you’re being eaten and dying, which you are.

The second type of attack is for possession. The attack is to gain control over your personal power, which will corresponds to a particular energy center. In this case it’s a domination, the person is attempting to dominate you so that you surrender and part of your spirit will go into their body and work for them. You are then ‘owned’. If successful, you will lose touch what that part of yourself, which will be made to work for the other person and feed them forever… until you get it back from them, which many never do. For example, someone can ‘steal your heart’ and you will then chase them, feeling you must have this person because they are the missing part of you, meanwhile they will attempt to avoid you. It could well be true that they have the part of you that you are missing, but they won’t give it back to you willingly. Unfortunately your original heart was probably stolen when you were a child, and so you’re likely now chasing after other people’s hearts that look kind of like yours — so it’s not that the latest flame actually has yours. Likewise the person who does have yours, probably thinks it’s theirs, since they’ve had it for a while now. Don’t worry, I’ll explain later how to get the original one back. Another common target is your sexual energy, through sexual dominance, or your confidence, through putting you down. If successfully possessed, you lose that part of yourself and they gain it. This is a very tangible feeling for both parties. Even if they’re doing this subconsciously they do it because it makes them feel good, so some part of them know they took it from you — they are not so stupid that they cannot connect two dots together. They’re willingly denying it from entering their own consciousness because they don’t want to feel bad about themselves. They know exactly what they’re doing, they’re just lying to themselves too.

A full body possession is an attempt to take control of your body entirely. This is fairly rare because it causes even the most skeptical person to wake up to the spiritual reality, and very few people will accept this. It’s only possible if you have really, really shit boundaries. You have to be the type of person who would give your life to someone else, someone who does not care about you at all and would consume you for their own pleasure — and that is exactly what is happening. It can also result in multiple personalities. Stopping this is the same process.

Denial & Permission

The crux of the ability for anyone to attack you, or possess you, is related directly to the concepts of denial and permission. ALL attacks are related to another person that you know in some way. You must be denying that someone you know is capable of this kind of evil, in order for it to happen, and you must have unwittingly given permission at any point in the past, to anyone, not necessarily the currently attacking person, to treat you this way.

That means someone you know is doing this to you, either directly or indirectly. It can be a parent, sibling, spouse, friend or colleague. Probably they don’t know they’re doing it because it’s being done by their shadow — but don’t let that fool you! Their shadow is part of them and follows their commands. It does what they would do, if only they dared. This is not to say they can’t change, but they absolutely will not change while it is working. Obviously they will deny that they are doing this and believe their denial. But you should act as if they know, that’s the only way. Perhaps they are nice to you in person but resent you horribly and have suppressed this. Suspect everyone!

It doesn’t matter if the person is conscious of their attack, such a psi-vampire, or whether they are unconscious of it, i.e. an attack via shadow, or whether it is an indirect attack. An indirect attack means that someone is being careless with the permission they have into your energy-field, i.e. they are opening you up to attack by spiritual parasites, i.e. ‘evil’ (actually more like ‘animal’) spirits that exist only in the spiritual plane. For example, if you always lock your door, but your spouse doesn’t, despite you asking them too, or because you’re scared to ask them, then they are indirectly opening you up to attack by spiritual snakes and spiders (not literally, but you can think of them like that.) Still you need to address this permission/boundary issue with them directly.

The fauna of the spirit world, non-human or demonic spirits, I’ve skimmed over briefly because while these can be the apparent cause of the attack, the true cause is always going to be boundary and permission based. These spirits are like animals and only attack you because you’re already wounded.

What you need to know is this:

  • The physical world is above the spirit world in authority, the spirits have to do what we tell them to do BY OUR ACTIONS NOT OUR WORDS
  • Everything you do physically is also done in spirit
  • Everything you can do physically, you can do in spirit
  • Your intention to do an action physically is it being done in spirit even if the action fails in the physical world
  • Nothing can be done in spirit without your permission
  • Permission in spirit is granted by physical action
  • Permission in spirit is withdrawn by physical action
  • Once permission is granted or withdrawn by action, this remains until undone by action
  • You always have a choice, which is symbolized by your physical action
  • Spirits/shadows know all this, and their #1 trick is to make you think you don’t have a choice
  • This works on people/vampires too

What is this permission and where does it come from? It’s not actually a rule, it’s an effect. Spirits obey form in the same way that a chair has to support you if you sit on it, and a stone has to fly if you throw it. Form is just stronger than spirit… if spirit and form had a fight, form wins every time. Form cannot be hurt by spirit like a rock cannot be hurt by the air. The result is that any spirit attempting to attack a form has to do so by deception. It needs to trick you into allowing it in, and then it gets you from the inside. Hence you see that the whole ‘permission’ game is just a way of understanding, it’s not that there’s actually a record of who gave permission to what. Technically, permission doesn’t exist, it’s an epiphenomenon. In practice though, it does work, and most spirits (and people) do believe in the concept of permission.

Withdrawing Permission, Speak to the Spirit

Your spirit, body and soul are yours. Your personal power is yours. No one can take it from you. Or can they? Because it’s yours they can take it from you, if you let them, and not if you don’t. Just deciding that you don’t allow it anymore is not enough, you have to prove that you mean it, by trying to defend it — even if you suspect that the action won’t work, it’s the intention to act on defending it that has the effect. For example, if someone is trying to rape you and you surrender to it, they will be able to rape you in spirit every day from then on and so can anyone else. But if you don’t surrender, even if you don’t manage to stop them they will NOT get your spirit, and your spirit will still be safe afterward.

You only have to give permission once, and you can be attacked forever. Most give it as infants, because infants trust blindly and cannot say “no”. And that’s that. You gave permission. If you gave permission to someone who then took a particular energy or thing from you, then anyone can take that energy or thing from you. To undo it, you take back permission. You can do that with anyone who is currently trying to take it from you. Even if that person isn’t really trying to take it from you, but you think that they are, i.e. you have the wrong guy… that’s OK, it will still work as long as your intention and action are both there. If this person truly isn’t your enemy, they will forgive your attempt to take back your power from them, because that’s what real friends do. If they don’t forgive, it’s probably because they really were trying to take it.

Intending to want to confront someone about an attack will result very quickly in you being given that test. You’re challenging them in spirit, they will turn up physically very soon.

This sounds easy, and it is. So why aren’t people doing it? It’s because of social rules. You have to intend to withdraw permission AND perform an action that symbolizes that intention AND then enforce it against tests. If you don’t enforce it, then you don’t intend it. It just so happens that you cannot do this without breaking social rules, because what you have is a confrontation with a person who is going to deny what you are confronting them about. They are going to say you are crazy, so be willing to be called crazy without taking back what you said. What does this look like in practice?

You need to break social rules. It’s not okay in our society to randomly accuse people of attacking you in spirit and ordering them to stop — do it anyway. Find the person attacking you, or anyone who you feel might be attacking you, and withdraw the permission directly. You can do this politely, or you can seriously attack them verbally, which will be symbolizing an full-on assault in the spirit world. If you have anger towards them, better do the latter, otherwise you’re not being authentic and it may not take. Be honest.

When I discovered this I did not hold back. There was a conscious psi-vamp who had been draining me for months. I’d suspected him for a while, then he did it right in front of me, touching me without permission and draining all my energy in a split-second. At the time I was so shocked and weakened I did nothing. Every night after that I woke up drained and saw his face. After a couple of weeks of this I knew I had to do something. I tried reasoning with him over messages, but he acted as if he didn’t understand. So I went to see him. I was scared to approach and could feel the struggle inside me as I drove there. Even though the fear was not warranted from a logical perspective — this itself was a battle of wills, his defenses were already engaging. By the time I stood in front of him, I’d already won. Walking right up to him I ripped into him “Don’t touch me. F*** you. You disgust me. Never contact me again!” Then I left, not giving him a chance to respond. He never contacted me again and the attacks stopped instantly. That phrase “never contact me again” was the key phrase here, ‘contact’ is broad-phrase in both the physical world and the spiritual. I used the same with my older brother, who had been sending me hate and jealousy since we were kids, draining my energy, trying to convince me to kill myself, probably unconsciously, but there is only one way to stop it: withdraw access. I called him out of the blue, after not speaking for some months, hoping that would be enough but it wasn’t, and I told him the same “F*** you. You disgust me. Never contact me again” those attacks stopped too.

Don’t tell the person “if you do it again xyz will happen” because that is not withdrawing permission, it’s giving them permission with consequences — not the same thing. Likewise, it doesn’t matter what the person replies to your order. They do not need to acknowledge it. Almost always their reply will be some form of manipulation to try to get you to doubt yourself or take back the order. Don’t even grace them with an answer, unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. I’m going to restate this: do not answer their questions. Speak your order with the intention of speaking directly to their spirit and then leave.

I’ve used this speaking to the spirit method on many people now. As I gained confidence with it, I could do it more calmly. There was an occasion when a stranger began a conversation with a friend, and I had a terrible feeling about it. I pulled her away from the conversation and asked if she felt the same, she did, but didn’t understand why because the stranger was being polite and friendly — yet something felt very wrong. I walked over to the stranger and spoke to her spirit directly “don’t steal people’s energy”, and walked away. She shouted after me that I was rude and tried to engage me in a debate, so I told her “don’t talk to me”, she continued, so I said again “don’t talk to me” then ignored her. She left and all was well.

By now you probably know who you need to confront, it’s anyone who you feel drained talking to. Anyone who makes you feel small or bad in any way. Anyone who’s face you see in your mind’s eye when you feel attacked. It’s anyone who you really, really don’t want to confront about this. It’s the person who you think absolutely wouldn’t do this and would be heartbroken if you brought it up with them. Why? Because if you are scared of confronting this person on this issue, ask yourself: why are you scared? Guilt is a trick used to control. If you genuinely feel guilty about something, be sorry about it and that’s that. If you know you didn’t really do anything wrong, that guilt is being projected onto you in order stop you from defending yourself. Many of the worst attackers put on a show of being weak and vulnerable, or being friendly and nice… believe what you feel, not what they want you to see.

The most aggressive vampires are very charismatic, with bright shining eyes. They will be quick witted and have an aura of grace and charm. Most people fall for the show. Trust your instincts.


In addition to undoing permission previously given by accident, maintain strict boundaries.

Anything you consider to be yours is within your energy and in some sense is a part of you. If you’re sensitive you actually feel if one of your possessions is mistreated. Everything in your territory is part of your greater spirit. So what is your territory? Certainly your body, and your home, and probably also your possessions. Make sure you enforce boundaries on all of these. You decide who interacts with them and how.

Do not let people touch you without your permission. This includes hugs and handshakes. That doesn’t mean you need to stop hugging and handshaking, although you can, and I have done this (I would even recommend it.) The point is not to make everyone ask for your permission, it’s to go with your feeling rather than let social expectations, or another person, dictate what you do. Go ahead and touch when you want to, but if you feel that you’re being pressured into it, refuse it. Do it sometimes, and not others, to know that you can refuse. As long as you can refuse without fear then your spirit body is well protected. Sure, some people will think you’re rude, but only the people who were intending to take more than was on offer.

Being radically authentic not only makes you safe and powerful, but your friends like it too. At first when I began not-hugging or handshaking I was surprised by how most people respected it nicely, and how obvious it was that those who did take it personally were not respectful people. Soon enough my friends started to appreciate the special occasions I did volunteer physical contact, because it meant so much more to them.

The same applies to your home and possessions. Don’t give blanket access to anyone! Don’t say “my home is your home”. It seems nice but it opens you up to indirect attack. It means this other person can be manipulated into giving access to your energy. Make everyone ask permission. Don’t let anyone stay in your house without putting in ground rules. I had an ex-girlfriend who, out of principle, never locked her door, refused to put a password on her phone, and left the key in her motorbike. When we began to live together I was constantly attacked by critters and could only stop it by kicking her out.

Obviously this makes relationships and families a delicate issue. To manage this situation the boundaries must be clear. Who does and who doesn’t have permission to do what? The kids should not be able to allow in friends without permission. The adults should ask permission from each other, unless they genuinely fully trust one another’s judgement — which let’s face it, isn’t usually the case. Don’t pretend it’s the case if it’s not, or your shadow will start to cause trouble.

If this sounds too draconian to be worth doing, it actually has the opposite effect. If you enforce strict boundaries fairly and respectfully, everyone loves you for it. You’d be surprised. There is an exception, which is anyone who was intending to steal your energy — they will hate you for it, and good thing too, because it shows you who is who right off the bat without any harm being done.

Remember this: most people are controlled by the opinion of others. You will never be safe as long as you want everyone to like you, because someone else’s opinion of you will always be under their power and not yours. Wanting someone to like you puts you under that person’s power, and it makes you enter a power struggle with them for that opinion which you cannot win. Let them think what they will, and disassociate yourself from it. You don’t need their approval.


For a start, don’t identify with every thought or feeling that you just so happen to have. Most people believe that if a thought is in their head, or if they feel something, it is theirs. This is not the case. I would go as far as to say that none of the voices in your head are your voice. You don’t need to talk to yourself, you are yourself. Having said that, spirit is not so defined as form. But one thing is clear, a spirit can be on your side or it can be working against you. That’s an easy way to tell the difference: if it’s not helping you, disassociate from it and kick it out.

As I said earlier, anything you can do physically, you can also do in spirit. Learning martial arts had a tremendous impact on my ability to protect myself in spirit. This has a double effect. Firstly, it gives confidence in confrontations that allows you to be convincing and assertive in a calm and relaxed manner, without the need for aggression. Secondly, it gives you access to similar skills in spirit. You become better able to block spiritual attacks if you can block kicks and punches, and if you can take them calmly without flinching.

After only a couple of classes of Muay Thai, a demonic spirit came to visit me in the night as I was trying to fall asleep, leeching my energy. Because I can see spirits, it was particularly nightmarish, looking like a giant insect floating over me — not a pretty sight. But the training came in handy, my spirit body punched it, and it left. Never again did one of these critters of the spirit world come to visit. All it took was the courage to actually fight back, which I got by intending to learn how to fight.

Another time, I was riding the motorbike and someone passed me on the other side of the road. I didn’t get a good look at them, it may have been the aforementioned psi-vamp, but regardless I saw their spirit body throw what appeared to be a javelin with a rope attached to it, right at me… a feeding attempt from a particularly strong vampire with good aim. My spirit body deflected the javelin with an arm movement. Another good example that comes from martial art training, just a little training gives you access to hard, shielding energy structures and quick reactions. In both of these cases, I didn’t have to consciously will my spirit body to do this, it did it of its own accord.

Another good exercise is throwing stones. Throwing is, like martial arts, a basic human defense that applies to both body and spirit. Being able to throw stones at a target and hit it more or less accurately, will give you that ability in spirit.

Cleaning works too. Every action in the physical world is an action in spirit too. Take a shower. Clean your house. It helps. Some people believe spirits cannot pass over water, so taking a shower or a swim can make you feel better, at least temporarily.

Finally, wearing more clothes, especially heavier cloth, can reduce the intensity of attacks. And if the attack strengthens during at night, keep on a light.

Particularly Stubborn Attacks

I said that spirits have to follow what you tell them by action. They require permission. This is true, but it’s true to the extent that someone in your house has to leave if you tell them to. They do, because it’s your house. But they don’t, because technically… they don’t have to.

What happens if they don’t? Your options are: physically remove them, get help, and/or call the police. The same is true in spirit.

The reason why no spirit, vampire, or shadow, no matter how powerful, cannot steal from you without your permission is because this is enforced in the spirit world by what is essentially the spirit police, in exactly the same way that this is enforced in the physical world. Except the spirit police are less likely to be corrupt and respond quicker.

This is also why you only need the intention and action, but the action doesn’t have to be successful. That is, you don’t need the other person to acknowledge that you told them to stop, or promise not to do it again, you only need to dare to make it clear. If they ignore your warning, you can just call the police. But… if you try to call the police without actually withdrawing the permission first, the police are going to think you are wasting their time. At least try yourself before asking for help.

This only applies to that which is actually yours in spirit. That’s why you can order someone to stop attacking you, but you cannot order them to give you their own energy (unless they surrender to you and allow you to dominate them.) It’s because your body is yours and this is enforced by good spirits who are there to help you, if you ask for it, because… free will. Or to put it another way: it’s not entirely clear in the spirit world whether you want to be eaten, or not. It looks obvious to you that you don’t want to be eaten or have your energy stolen, or be possessed, but there are spirits, and even humans, that do want these things. There are tons of spirits who want nothing more than to be devoured because it provides security, they become a smaller part of a larger entity instead of an independently conscious being, which let’s face it, can be quite stressful. So to get help you have to be clear about what you want and don’t want, by your actions of actually trying to fight off what you don’t want.

Almost always, like in life, just telling someone to get out of your house is good enough because they’re not so stupid that they will let themselves get arrested — and the same is true with spirits and your energy. Every now and again you might come across someone who is willing to commit a crime and get caught, just because they are either too stupid to understand, or they don’t think you will actually call for help. In the former case, any spirit this stupid is probably just an animal-type low-level spirit, and so shouting and throwing things at them (attacking them in spirit) will make them flee. If not: call for help.

I first came across spiritual police in a lucid dream. In the dream I was in a house that I knew to be my house, although it didn’t look like my house in the real world. I had a really bad feeling that someone was trying to break in to the house. Looking through the window I saw something and nothing, as if I could see something but then couldn’t. I had a feeling that I was being robbed, but couldn’t see anyone and was confused. Confused as if I were being confused on purpose; I couldn’t think clearly. In the dream I decided to call the police. As soon as I dialed the emergency number, zero seconds later the police were there in the room with two spirits they’d caught and tied up, and my confusion was gone. I thanked the police and they took the spirits away, explaining to me that these were just ‘joker’ spirits who don’t really understand what they are doing (not relevant) and good thing I called them. They told me I can call anytime I feel something is wrong, it’s okay if it’s a false alarm.

Just knowing that you can call the spirit police is enough and intending to do so is enough. Calling on a god that you believe in may work too, it’s essentially the same thing. This is pretty much the job of gods after all: law and order.

If just the intention to call the spirit police doesn’t work, add a symbolizing action by actually calling friends who are supportive, telling them you are under psychic attack and ask for their help.

Finally, if none of this works, it could be a foundational belief problem. You may have a belief that is giving permission. For example, you identify with being a victim. In this case, choose to believe that this is not the case. Put all of your beliefs on standby, essentially throw everything you think you know about everything away, and replace it, by choice of will, with the belief that you have the right to tell them to stop and you can do it and will do it and are doing it. Then choose to continue believing that it’s working, even if you feel like it’s not. If you don’t believe that it will work, choose to believe that it works just by you deciding so without any apparent change in feeling. Then choose to believe that your intention to want it to stop is enough to make it stop, with every second that belief becoming more and more real. Choose to believe that any feeling that this isn’t working is a false feeling projected onto you by your attacker, disassociate from that feeling, labeling it as an illusion without needing to not feel it, and stick to your knowledge that you are stronger than them and will overcome it regardless of these false feelings of weakness and pain you are being fed. Don’t give in to the seduction. Whatever they say, however you feel, stick to the knowledge that you are in control and this is all an illusion. And call for help.

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