Sorcery Basics 2: Seeing Non-Ordinary Reality

Alasdair Forsythe
6 min readMar 5, 2023

It’s possible to see energy structures and spirits in the physical world, as real and tangible as anything else. It’s also possible for your spirit to leave your physical body and explore various planes and dimensions, and even to be in multiple places at once. But before you learn to run you need to walk, and you can’t walk if you already know how but insist that you don’t.

The development of the spiritual eyesight to be more sensitive to subtle energies is helpful, but it’s a slow development and not something I can teach in an article. As you start to look, your spirit eyes will develop. In the meantime, there is something better that I can teach in an article, and you can unlock it right now and see magic all around you.

This is because everyone already has the ability to see spirit but it’s been deliberately hidden from you. How this works is a little difficult to explain because it’s hidden in plain sight.

It’s not that the suppressive belief makes you unable to see, it’s that it makes you diminish the importance of the magic to such a low status that you don’t pay it any attention. It’s actually quite genius because even if you point it out to someone, they’ll dismiss it. They’ve been taught to dismiss it automatically and they do so out of hand. That’s a masterful work of sorcery because it gets the job done (suppresses your ability to see magic) with the most minimal manipulation of the reality. One tiny, well-placed belief can change everything.

The suppressive belief I’m talking about is the one that says your feelings exist only inside you, affect only you, and are somewhat random — a complete lie. And also that your imagination and thoughts are inside your head, ‘imaginary’ and therefore not real. Just the word ‘imaginary’ literally has the dual-definition of meaning both something that you see inside your head and something not real. A clever sleight of hand from the devil himself!

What does ‘not real’ even mean? What is real? I don’t want to get into philosophy, I want you to follow what the belief wants you to think so you can see it’s root. It wants you to think that there is a physical world that is ‘real’ and exists objectively, and that anything subjective is not real and therefore doesn’t exist. So the belief is that objective = real = exists, and subjective = not real = imaginary. ‘Imaginary’ is defined as something that you can experience but doesn’t exist, which is impossible.

What does it mean to be objective? Objectivity is the notion that physical things, those things that can be touched, observed or recorded, exist independently of oneself while everything else does not. This belief is nonsense because we all experience the physical world subjectively. Plus it’s contradicted by other beliefs that are part of the same dogma, such as relativity and quantum physics. The belief has no substance and yet is defended religiously — because it’s inherently a religious argument based on faith alone.

The crux of the matter, the key element, is the belief that feeling, thought and imagination are not shared experiences with other people. But what if they were?

That’s the thing they don’t want you to know! And it’s the reason for all the shame and mockery of anyone who dares to suggest otherwise — lest you dare to see the truth for yourself.

If feeling, thought and imagination were shared experiences, it means you could influence other people using only your mind. Which is also how you’ve been manipulated, and why you’re not allowed to see it.

Feeling, thought and imagination are shared experiences, and you can influence other people using only your mind. Don’t take my word for it: you can experience this by removing all beliefs and seeing the true reality unfiltered.

Intangible = Spirit

What does spirit look like? What it does it feel like?

Feelings, emotions, imagination and ideas are spirit. Spirit never abandoned you, it’s been hiding in plain sight.

If you imagine scenes and pictures, these exist in a little pocket reality, just like a dream exists in a pocket reality, inside your self. But your self exists in a shared reality and so other entities can access your personal thoughts if they can get inside of you.

You, and others, can also project feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc. out of yourself and into others, unless they are defending themselves against it. People do this all the time.

Most often you can witness people using sorcery for arguing. Arguing is a fight in spirit, it takes willpower and energy. Most commonly people will just push a belief that you are wrong, bad or guilty in some way at you with willpower. However, I’ve seen people who are seemingly unaware of spirit use a little more sophisticated sorcery, for example making you forget what you’re about to say just as you’re about to explain why they’re wrong.

The person doesn’t have to be intelligent or particularly sensitive either. On the contrary, sometimes unconscious and insensitive people are the quickest to resort to sorcery over fairly mundane arguments. I suspect this is because they are acting automatically and thereby using techniques that are available to them subconsciously.

Knowing that your thoughts and feelings can affect other people does not by itself make you any more resistant to or better at it. You need to practice. Some people, especially people who know they are being deceptive such as a scammer or psychopath, have a lot of practice and can get very good at sorcery despite not really understanding why what they’re doing works.

The effect of spirit is not blocked by space, time, nor anonymity. One result of this is that you can change the past, which I will cover in detail in another article, but for the time being it’s worth noting that these battles of spirit work just as well over the Internet as they do in person. This is why people are constantly putting each other down on social media — it’s real.

Whilst awareness of spirit doesn’t itself give you power over those who use it unconsciously, it does make it much easier to master.

Waking up

You can assume that everything you feel is true. As such it’s a good idea to unsuppress any feelings you’ve been ignoring or assuming are wrong because they don’t have an apparent cause.

If you feel that you’re under attack or being cheated or disrespected in some way, you are. However, sophisticated deceptions are in layers so it can be non-obvious where an attack is coming from (the attacker may disguise themselves), but the fact that you’re under attack is often overwhelming once you stop suppressing it.

Dysfunctional families, partners and exs are the origin of a lot of grudges, spiritual wars, emotional slavery, and dumping of baggage and insecurities onto the softest members.

A bully from your school days can keep on bullying you in spirit for decades, and they usually do until you stand for yourself.

People can steal part of your soul and enslave it. Some people collect these things.

Ultimately everyone has three choices: become a monster like everyone else, die, or discover your true self. Once you know your true self, there is no longer any hook from which to manipulate you, someone who knows their true self cannot be controlled because they have already the only thing that truly matters.

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