Spirit World = Internet?

Alasdair Forsythe
3 min readMar 5, 2023

The physical world without spirit is mundane. Humans are in the process of substituting technology for spirit. The Internet is a spirit world built on top of the physical world. The rules are essentially spiritual, for example to contact someone the distance is irrelevant, you only need to know their name.

Soon we will be able to create pocket realities in VR, and have our own metaverse. This is a reinvention of what already exists in spirit.

One of my pet theories is that the information spirit worlds, such as Imaginationland, perhaps run on the network of plants and fungi, with the trees acting something like servers.

Regardless, my purpose in writing this article is draw attention to the similarity because it provides unique insight both to the spiritual and also to the technological.

I’ve been accused in that past of using technological metaphors because it’s what I’m familiar with. For a while I thought that too, but having learnt and experienced more, I now know that this is not just me wanting to model my spiritual experiences on something I understand technically. They really are similar. Believing that spiritual experiences are merely metaphors for something beyond our understanding because they often occur in symbolic spaces is a misnomer.

Many idea-based (spiritual) problems have already been solved by technology, and vice-versa, if you look closely. For example, apps very quickly evolved into utilizing the freemium model, in which the base software is free and you pay for additional features. They did this because they tested different strategies and this was the one that made the most money. But it’s also the best for the user, which is why the user is willing to pay more. It’s a win-win. There is a high probability this would also work for public services, healthcare, even police. No one has noticed the problem has already been solved.

The spirit worlds are fairly old-fashioned, many of them are still using feudal systems. Perhaps feudal systems work well in spirit, but I suspect improvements could be made across the board by looking at existing solutions and strategies in analogous fields. Likewise the introduction of little virtual worlds to replace 2D websites, is clearly the way forward for the metaverse.

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