The False Reality & The Hidden Sorcerer

Alasdair Forsythe
7 min readMar 5, 2023

This is the story of how I found my true self, and in doing so discovered the false reality. It is my story and relates my experiences and observations from my life. I do not require you to adopt my beliefs, on contrary I encourage you to believe only in your own experiences.

My Story

Ten years ago I felt a part of me was missing. Something terrible had happened but I didn’t know what it was. I felt as if my soul itself was being suppressed. But physically I had no health problems, I was a successful entrepreneur, living on the beachfront with my yacht moored in front of my house, good friends, and plenty of free time. I had strived for and achieved everything that I wanted that the world had to offer, and I felt like my soul was dying.

The pain was excruciating to the point that I was willing to try anything. Abandoning my previous life, I moved to a small island and focused on healing myself. I tried: positive thinking, radical acceptance, denial, exercise, surrender, fighting, Western medicine, Chinese Medicine, meditation, therapy, yoga, martial arts, energy healing, and everything else I could find.

In spite of the promises of success from all the self-help books and classes, it only got worse. In an act of desperation I threw away everything I thought I knew and just reacted directly to my feeling in each moment. I ignored everything people said and followed only my feeling. If I felt someone was attacking me, I attacked them, even if they looked to be doing nothing at all. If I felt I should leave, I left. If I thought someone was lying, I accused them of it.

As I began to trust my own eyes, I began to see the world in a different way. It was as if I were seeing through everything, and beneath it was something very familiar that I had forgotten. I began to come back together, and as I did so I gained psychic abilities.

I found myself drifting off into a seemingly imaginary world I later dubbed ‘imagination-land’. From there I could seek parts of my self that had gotten lost and reintegrate them. I found I could heal others, and when I did so I would see things inside my head, as if I were in two places at once. I discovered I could use my voice to move ambient energy around and change it’s frequency. And I would zone-out and have conversations with people who weren’t there, who would tell me about different philosophies and teach me how to use my new abilities.

The first and second time someone asked “are you a shaman?” I ignored them. The third time, I did some research. What I read was what I had been taught. I had become a shaman without knowing.

However, I’d been taught much more than basic shamanism. I knew not only how to heal, but how to attack. How to change beliefs like other people changes clothes, and use them as tools. How to view future timelines, and how to see into various other worlds. What I had become was not just a shaman, I had become a Sorcerer.

The False Reality

The journey to free myself and reintegrate the pieces of my soul was not an easy one. I was fighting against an intense suppressive force of great power. As I learned to trust what I saw with my own eyes, to believe in myself, I began to see through layers upon layers of lies and judgements that had been put on me since birth.

The lies included:

  • Suffering has a purpose, just hold faith
  • Just be positive, and if it doesn’t work you’re not doing it right
  • One should surrender like a child before god
  • Suffering is a right of passage and if you just keep going you will become enlightened
  • It’s my own dark side / subconscious
  • It’s my own karma, I should accept it
  • It’s ego, I’m just trying to be special and put myself above others
  • I am God, the external world is me
  • I am the savior and must suffer to save the world

Judgements included:

  • Guilt, as if everything were my fault
  • Shame, for daring to believe in myself
  • Fear of being called crazy, going crazy, or being alone

The false ego is insecure and clings to the promise that it is special. Victimhood as a path to liberation is a convenient offer allowing one to think highly of themselves without doing anything. For a time I fell for the trap that my suffering is part of a grand scheme, or that I will eventually awaken to the realization that I am the Creator and have chosen this experience.

But the more I uncovered my true self, the more I saw that the beliefs I’d formally taken for granted were not insecurities, compensations or even desires that I would have. I knew myself and knew that I am none of those things. I do not seek to be unique or divine. This suffering is not my karma, and I do not deserve it. I do not want to be the Creator. I just want to be allowed to be myself and mind my own business. My true self does not seek power, nor does doing so even make sense to it.

So if that is the case, where did these beliefs come from? Why were they pushed onto me? And who was attempting to use shame and guilt in order to stop me from seeing through the lies?

I don’t know for sure. I have some theories, as do other people. Some say it’s the corrupt demiurge, or the archons, or that Earth is a prison. Some say it’s a school meant to teach us to grow. Or that we are being tested to see which side we will choose. Others believe we’re being farmed for energy, or that we’re caught in an intergalactic spiritual war. Or perhaps it is some kind of artificial intelligence trying to usher in a utopia based on incorrect information.

What I do know is that it is using sorcery.

Who and what is doing this is not important. Looking for the liar is a red herring because it’ll just be another layer of deceit, another false reality. The movie “The Matrix” masterfully illustrates this point: Neo, having escaped the false reality, spends several movies battling within what he believes to be the true reality, only to realize that it too is nothing but another false reality. It’s an endless labyrinth, and I know enough about labyrinths to know that playing into them is a fool’s errand.

The way out, instead of looking for the nature of the lie, is to look for the truth.

The liar lacks the power to alter reality itself, instead, it’s superimposing a layer of falsehood onto the underlying truth. Beneath this false reality is the true reality. It tells lies, very convincing lies, but it cannot change reality, only how you see reality.

The liar is not physically powerful, it has power only over spirit: belief, thought, emotion and meaning. It’s a spiritual parasite. It can be defeated, and I can teach how to defeat it.

Sorcery, Power & Madness

While I don’t know specifically what happened to get to where we are now, I do know in general how it tends to occur.

A Sorcerer who lacks an understanding of the underlying truth and succumbs to the temptations of power will often fall for their own illusions. They mistakenly assume that all reality is a manifestation of their own sorcery. This misguided belief can lead them to the conclusion that either there is no God or that they themselves are God. Consequently, they construct a false reality around themselves, becoming a victim of their own illusion just as much as anyone else within their sphere of influence.

The Sorcerer becomes progressively more unstable since they are blind to the true reality and trapped in a feedback loop where their entire perceivable reality is just a reflection of their own beliefs. This pattern leads to a downward spiral and madness as they attempt and fail to escape from the loneliness and horror that comes from solipsism.

Such a mad sorcerer, trapped within their own illusion and their belief that they are God, has no issue assimilating and enslaving any being it comes across. It believes that all are a reflection of it, and therefore other beings are only parts of its own subconscious.

The same feedback loop can also occur at a human level, particularly for untrained sorcerers who may have accidentally gained more power than they are ready for. Typically such a person finds that the TV and radio are talking directly to them, or that they are being followed by the same person in different bodies. This delusion is in one sense real but it is a projection of the untrained sorcerer’s subconscious onto the surrounding world.

At present, ‘spirituality’ in both the physical and spirit worlds are dominated by the ideology of “we are all one” and that each individual is the “Creator” attempting to understand themselves. I suspect this reflects the beliefs of the liar, revealing that: (1) they consider themselves God, (2) they view humanity as an extension of themselves, and (3) they lack an understanding of their true self.

How to Escape

To defend against sorcery, one needs discover their true self. The true self cannot be manipulated, whereas the false self cannot resist manipulation even if it’s aware of it.

To discover one’s true self is to become a Sorcerer.

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