The Truth About The Catholic Church

Pope Benedict making the ‘Sign of Horns’

There has been a torrent of allegations against the Catholic Church for what appears in every way to be systematic (literally following a system) abuse of children. As a friend of mine once said ‘child abuse’ is a misnomer. The fact we even use the term is insulting, ‘child rape’ is a more accurate description, and even that doesn’t do it justice. The word ‘abuse’ only serves to try to diminish the severity.

Most people believe that the abuse/rape of children by the clergy is an unfortunate accident. That maybe it’s attracted some abusers into its ranks, or that the vow of celibacy taken by the priests is corrupting some small percentage of them. Few people would dare to say that the Church is doing this on purpose.

What the Catholic Church is and why it does what it does only makes sense when one understands the bigger picture. I’ve thought of a few different ways I could write this article. I could reference any of the thousands of news articles, witness testimonies and other evidence against the Church. But to be honest there is so much of that information already available that I’d be surprised if you’ve not already seen more than enough of such evidence to think that maybe something deeper is going on. There’s just so much evidence it’s overwhelming, take for example the Cardinal who was in charge of investigating sexual abuse by the Church caught by Vatican police having a drug-fueled orgy and as punishment was given early retirement. There is a theme, a sort of inside-joke, in which the Church rewards those that are caught. The Church insists on priests being tried in its own court and ‘punishes’ abusers by defrocking them, which means they’re sent to a villa in the country and not allowed to celebrate mass — a promotion if there ever was one! Do we really believe that priests enjoy mass?

I’m only going to link to a few key articles, you can do your own research if you want to see more evidence, its not difficult to find, and otherwise I’m just going to dive into the deep end and explain what the Church is really up to.

Unfortunately there is bind against understanding this, so I’ll first address the bind. What’s a bind? A taboo is a kind of bind, for example. A bind is a psychological barrier against thinking of or understanding something, even if it is right in front of your face. For example, you may have in your life experienced trying to explain to someone the obvious solution to a very obvious problem that they have, and yet they are somehow unable to hear it. They hear the words, and can even say that they understand and can repeat the words back to you, but then they miraculously forget about it and continue as if you’d not said anything. This is because they’re not prepared to face the truth yet. They have a bind against that thing. They don’t want to hear it. This phenomenon is identical to hypnotism. A stage magician can convince someone that they are invisible, for example, and that person will act as if they are and be amazed or scared of the floating object (actually held by the invisible magician) in front of them. When later questioned, the person will say that they did kind-of see the magician, and also they didn’t. One part of them knew, and another part of them didn’t — as if their eyes saw it but they believed what the magician said more than their own eyes.

To overcome a bind one must face it. Facing it is a good metaphor, because it’s the same phenomenon again as what is experienced in dreams. If in a dream you are chased by a monster, it will always be right behind you, until you turn and choose to face it, and then it will vanish. The same method is the one we use to overcome binds, whether personal or cultural. Dare to face it.

So what is the Catholic Church really up to? To understand this allow me to go back in time to the beginnings of the Church, back to Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and the tradition of Mystery Schools.

Every religion we have today is founded on a Mystery. To understand what a religion is, and what a church is, one must understand what a Mystery is. There are many different ways to explain it, but I’m going to give a simple explanation. A Mystery does not have to say that it’s a Mystery in order to be one. Freemasonry, for example, is a Mystery that claims to be a Mystery and is obviously one. The Catholic Church is also one, but claims not to be from the outside — but the outside is just the outer ring, the honey-trap.

What is a Mystery?

  • A Mystery is like a club.
  • It has levels that one can progress through via ‘initiation’.
  • The levels are structured in a hierarchy, like a pyramid, or like a series of rings (think of an onion) where the outer levels are larger (more people) and the inner levels are smaller (fewer people).
  • Each level says something different, i.e. has a different set of beliefs.
  • The outer beliefs are generally the opposite of the inner beliefs.

You may notice that this structure is one that is throughout all of nature, corporate world, government, etc. and of course: religion. It is the structure of a Mystery. A Mystery is not in itself evil, like a knife is not in itself evil, but it depends on what it is used for.

The key element to point out is that the inner-levels have a different, and often opposite set of beliefs to the outer-levels. The most-outer layer is the skin, which is all that most people ever see. The skin is how the Mystery wants to be seen as from the outside, this is its mask. As you will know from daily life, someone who is hiding something (let’s say they’re insecure) will compensate on the outside by pretending to be exactly the opposite of what they are on the inside (they spend ages talking about how great they are.) This is universally true: even candies wrap themselves in colorful robes to hide that they don’t have any actual nourishment on the inside; broccoli makes no such attempt.

However, there are clues.

‘Jesus’ is a shepherd. It’s an interesting metaphor. A shepherd tends a flock of sheep. A shepherd is the lord of the sheep, but is not themselves a sheep. Not only does the shepherd tend the sheep, but it also eats the sheep. The reason why the shepherd keeps the sheep is to eat them — it’s not because they have the best interest of the sheep at heart. The shepherd also keeps the wolves at bay, the wolves being other individuals who also want to eat the sheep, which they are not allowed to do because the sheep are owned by the shepherd. A shepherd then is like a wolf, but one with their own flock. Basically instead of the wolf having to hunt for sheep, it breeds them, and is now called a shepherd.

That metaphor is all you really need to know to understand what is going on. It’s a tough pill to swallow. However, if its true there should be evidence for it, and there is.

Most peoples’ objection now would be the bind. “No, it’s not true. It’s too evil. If it were true someone would have called them out and we would know.” Well people are calling them out everyday and you do know! And is it too evil? Humans literally breed sheep, chickens and cows to eat and think nothing of it, why? Because sheep are lesser than us, we are allowed to eat them. Why are we allowed to eat them? Because we can, that’s why. We can see this predator/prey relationship all the way through nature… do you really think that it ends with you at the top of the food chain? Do you think the sheep in the field knows that you are going to eat them? Of course not, the sheep are trained to think that the shepherd is their lord and defender. The shepherd keeps the sheep safe and provides protection and nourishment. But it also eats them. So the shepherd is the lord of the sheep, and is simultaneously both God and the Devil.

The Catholic Church knows this, and this is what they teach in the inner-levels. It’s an organization that harvests humans, for the benefit of the inner club members. They do this mostly by rape, because that is the theft of the life and soul of the child, by human sacrifice, and also on the most inner levels by literally eating them. It’s a thing. This is done systematically and has been done systematically for two thousand years. What I mean by ‘systematically’ is that it’s a drag-net, the point was not to do this to just some children here and there, but all of them. Any child who attends Catholic school, or Catholic Church and was not raped is an exception, they slipped through the net. The fact that this is hard to believe is all the protection they need. The fact that we’ve all heard this before countless times is what makes it so easy to put out of the mind; we’re used to hearing it and the mind so easily dismisses it because it’s not new information. It is blind rejection that anything so terrible could happen that allows it to happen; this is a recurrent theme in mythology: that is is the peoples’ refusal to believe in evil (their ignorance) that enables the evil to take root and flourish. This is even the theme of Disney’s Lion King!

Confession is very important part of the scam. By requiring everyone to confess their sins, the Church has a record of everything that everyone didn’t want anyone else to know. This can then be used to blackmail them. A man or a woman who confesses to adultery in a village somewhere is now fully under the thumb of the priest. Soliciting sexual favors is obviously then within their power, as is basically anything else. This is so widespead that there are books written about it! Requiring large donations to the Church are also common. It’s very clever because this can be done to basically everyone and no one will talk about it with each other, so each thinks that it’s only them and it will increase the amount of respect given to the priest, the victim’s attendance in church, etc. They become obedient slaves. The priest becomes the most powerful man in the village just like that and can influence its politics, etc.

I’ve been deliberating as to whether I’m going to explain the why of all of this. Why does the Catholic Church go to so much effort? Why bother being evil in the first place, what is the advantage? Just for power would seem to most people not really a strong enough reason to go to such extremes. My concern is that the why is spiritual, and spirituality is unpopular, everyone nowadays wants a tangible, physical reason for things. Perhaps if I explain the why it will make people less likely to believe, because it contradicts their beliefs. But I’m going to say it anyway.

The point of abuse, rape and murder is for energy. When someone is abused they lose energy, and the abuser gains that energy. It’s a tangible thing, and you know that because you can feel it. If you’ve ever been abused, bullied, or in a fight (even a fight of words) there is a very tangible feeling of winning and a very tangible feeling of losing. Everyone knows who has won! The winner leaves with more energy than they started with, they feel stronger — they are stronger! The loser leaves feeling deflated and with a distinct feeling that something has been taken from them. Something has been taken from them! We experience this on a daily basis but have been taught to disbelieve it, in the same way that the hypnotized person didn’t see the ‘invisible’ hypnotist. It’s rejection of what is right in front of your eyes; rejection of what you know to be true. A rejection of what you see and feel, in favor of a false belief that you are taught and continue to believe despite all of your senses screaming the opposite.

The Catholic Church then, is something akin to a business, or a farm. It’s purpose is to harvest energy from people. The most powerful energy is sexual energy because this is, obviously, the energy of life. From sexual energy comes all life. Sexual energy then cannot be considered immoral. How could sex be immoral when it is where life itself comes from? Is life immoral? And yet that is what the Catholic Church teaches on the outside, and then on the inside teaches the exact opposite.

The Catholic Church then attempts to both repress all expression of sexual energy from everyone, which keeps them weak and repressed, and at the same time steals that energy from the children (and some adults.) That energy is then funneled up the pyramid to feed the ‘beast’. It’s all about energy.

But it’s worse than that because your energy is your soul, is your life-force. The Catholic Church is a machine that consumes lifeforms. It’s a human farm.

The corruption of sex is a key element to this scam. Firstly, corruption means decay. It means death. If an apple corrupts, it dies and turns black. All dead things turn black. Sex is obviously connected to life, which is the opposite of death. Sex has been inverted to be a symbol of death instead of life. Most people nowadays have sex at night and in private, i.e. in secret and hidden in the darkness, and then there is a cultural taboo to not talk about it. Why? Animals have sex in the daylight. What is so wrong about sex, the very symbol of life and generation, that it must be done in secret and then lied about? Public sex is illegal — but have you ever asked… why? Because it corrupts the youth? Obviously the opposite is true: the fact that children don’t see sex around them as if its a normal thing keeps it corrupted. The children have no reference except porn and locker-room talk, neither of which are giving them a healthy impression. If they actually saw it as normal, as they would have done in tribal times, then they would understand what sexual abuse looks like and what healthy sex looks like. If sex was a normal thing that people see other people doing and talk about openly then no one would get away with sexual abuse… obviously! It’s an outright lie that sex itself corrupts; the repression of sex is what corrupts.

You can see the deliberate corruption of sexual energy in how its become associated with all kinds of death-related paraphernalia: leather (the skin of dead animals) dyed black (they have to dye it black, it doesn’t start that way), whips and chains (symbolizing slavery), etc. And the now most popular porn-search-term: ‘humiliation’. All of this is the exact opposite of what sex is naturally: freeing and live-giving. It’s upside-down and inside-out. Why did this happen? The reason that sex is inverted is because the energy of it has been stolen, it’s the result of the theft of life and truth by institutions, including but not limited to the Catholic Church. The lie that sex is in some way dirty is the method used to keep this powerful energy under lock and key, and then to steal it away without anyone noticing. Only when the people accept themselves, which they cannot do without accepting their sexual nature as a good and positive life-giving thing, can they free themselves from their slavery… a slavery that is so obvious that a large percentage of the population actually plays it out sexually via dominance, bondage and humiliation — hidden away in the darkness where nobody can see them do it.

(This is not to say that playing dominance games, etc. is bad. We can play cops and robbers, and I can be the robber. It’s a fun game. But that’s only if it is a game. There is a difference between playing cops and robbers and actual burglary. The difference is that at the end of the game the thing that was stolen is returned, or is it kept? If it’s kept then you’re not playing, you’re actually doing it. To drop the metaphor: by all means engage in dominant sex for fun, but if it is only for fun then the energy that was taken during the game is returned to the person whom it was taken from. That’s the difference.)

And what to do about it? There is a saying: ‘to reveal the roots is to destroy the tree’. It’s not the excessive wealth of the Catholic Church that keeps it strong, it’s the lie. It’s the ignorance, literally: ignore-ance. If someone is stealing money from your purse, it is your turning a blind eye that enables them to do so. Don’t drink the cool-aid!

One of the most-repeated spiritual laws is that one must accept their abuse, control and manipulation. You have a choice, you don’t have to accept it. You do have the power to free yourself, all you have to do is turn around, look at the monster right in the eye and say “no”. When enough people do this the illusion will shatter, the bind will lift, and everyone will see it for what it really is.

I’ll leave you with the image of this coin from the Vatican mint. At the bottom you can clearly see three stars each with six points, making the number 666, the number of the Beast. These coins don’t design themselves, they’re not using an Internet template. Someone at the Vatican put that there and some committee authorized it. As I said, the inside of the Mystery is the exact opposite of what it’s pretending to be on the outside.

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