Why Bad Things Happen In Life

Bad things happen in life. It seems to me that life does this on purpose. Life’s a bitch.

If you love someone then life will be sure to take them away from you. If you save up lots of money to buy a really nice car, then life will make sure it gets scratched. If you think you’ve finally figured out right and wrong then life will throw you an impossible lose-lose situation. If you believe you are entitled to anything at all then something horribly unfair will happen. And if you don’t learn your lesson then life will keep on destroying everything you ever loved or believed in until you finally get it, or you die, whichever comes first.

And when you do finally learn your lesson? Well then you get that thing you originally wanted but don’t care about anymore. You can have a nice car and as long as you don’t care too much about it then it’ll stay immaculate. If you don’t feel you need a partner and are happy and secure by yourself, then life will present you with the perfect person. When you finally realise that you can’t make everyone happy, then life stops giving you impossible to win situations. When you understand that ‘fair’ is based on the incorrect idea that being alive gives you rights or things are ‘supposed to be a certain way,’ then everything becomes much easier.

“Why life, why?” I asked. Life told me the following:

Life is not trying to hurt you, life is trying to set you free. Life is trying to show you the truth. The truth being that these are your assumptions and they are all, without exception, wrong.

If you think you need, have, or have a right to something then life must take it away from you so you can learn that the truth is that you don’t need it. You might want it, and that’s OK, but you don’t need it. Since you believed that you needed it then life helps you by taking it away from you, else you would be forever lost in your self-deception. Life is updating your incorrect beliefs.

Thank you life for always letting me know when I’m wrong.

You can stop now, I get it. Thanks. Bye.

☯ Magician ⚔ Sorcerer ☀ Shaman ☤ Alchemist ♚ Baron of Blackness

☯ Magician ⚔ Sorcerer ☀ Shaman ☤ Alchemist ♚ Baron of Blackness