In my previous article How the Stock Market Really Works, I detailed how the order types and trades are all abstractions around buy and sell offers on the order book, and some philosophy around strategies, valuations and what a stock truly is.

Now I venture into the hidden world of shorting, options, market makers and dark pools for US equities and options markets.

Everything you’ve been told about how the stock market works… that’s not how it works anymore, at least not in the US.

What is a dark pool?

A dark pool is essentially a private stock exchange. It’s…

Government issued currency is always going to be accepted as means of exchange, whereas bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have no such secure foundation. Why?

There are two ways to influence someone’s behavior: (1) carrot, or (2) stick. People do something because it benefits them, or because it would be painful to not do it. In the case of fiat currencies the mechanism that allows me to be certain that someone will exchange their goods or services for my money is tax, which is enforced by physical threat. …

Money: it’s not a thing.

Money is a symbol of value, it’s a token given in exchange for something that represents the value of the thing you gave. You can then exchange this token for something of equal value that you want. It’s a record of trades, for example: I can sell 100 apples for $0.50 each, and then later buy a skateboard for $50. When I originally gave away the apples I’m down $50 in value, I lost the apples but gained nothing. Money records this debt that I’m owed by society. …

The stock market is the ultimate game. A game so mighty that the points you win are what everyone else works for. How do you win? Predict the future. Not just what happens in future, but what people will think in the future. Not just what people think in the future, but what people in the future think will happen in the future’s future. It’s a psychological mind-game of you vs. everyone else in the world. And points are money! 🥳

The nature of the stock market means that the very act of exercising an advantage, dilutes that advantage. If…

It’s been said before: if you change your beliefs, you change your world. The reality that you experience will always correlate with what you believe to be true. So change your belief and you will change your reality.

But it’s not quite right. There’s another way, a better way. A way that is more practical, and more beautiful. This way doesn’t come from books or thinking, no one taught it to me, and I did not expect it or theorize its existence.

I observed slight differences in places, in people, and in the ambient energy, that occurred under particular circumstances…

Some people have an aura of beauty, grace and charm. Others of power. Some people just ooze sexiness. While others appear sweet and innocent, or tough and mean. All of this is GLAMOUR. The conscious manipulation of the energy you are projecting is called glamour magick. In this article, I will teach you how to change how you feel about yourself, and how to appear to other people, to be anything you want to be.

Power, sex appeal, confidence… all of these feelings are inherently illusory. Don’t get me wrong, power and confidence do exist, but the feeling and projection…

If you are depressed without obvious reason, hearing voices, feeling suicidal, always feeling drained, feeling under attack without obvious cause, having random panic attacks, or similar symptoms, I can help you.

Human beings do not get randomly depressed, live in a constant state of fear, or hear voices telling them to kill themselves… for no reason. It’s not a chemical imbalance. It’s a psychic attack, and these types of attacks are so common, everyone experiences them. In this article I will tell you exactly how to protect yourself against psychic attack and stop it from happening to you ever again.

The Tao, meaning way, from Taoism or Daoism (I’m pretty sure the correct pronunciation is in-between the ‘t’ and ‘d’ sound), is the background upon which everything else moves. And yet, the Tao itself moves.

The Tao is the way that things are going. The problem of pinpointing the Tao has always been that there are multiple layers of Tao, and then a theoretical eternal Tao — the way the universe is going. At any point in time you can witness multiple layers of natural flow moving, all of which are ‘ways’. Let’s call them taos with a small ‘t’…

What if you can just choose your reality?

All my life I’ve been looking for the truth. In the beginning I had it, and then I lost it, and eventually I found it again, and then again, and again. So many truths, so many levels. I put them all together and what I got was an ever-evolving philosophy. Each time I took another look at it, it shifted again, becoming evermore refined. Eventually I realized that what I was describing was myself; my own consciousness. Each time I thought that I’d finally caught it, it changed again! …

Independence is being self-sufficient, not having to rely on anyone else. But are any of us really independent? Is it even possible to be independent? And are we really sure that it’s better to be independent?

Look at it this way: do you make your own clothes? Grow all your own food? Do you refine your own gasoline that you personally drilled for with your homemade oil-drill? Do you generate your own oxygen? Do you shine your own sun on your own patented kale?

We are all massively dependent on society and on the Earth and on the laws of…

Alasdair Forsythe

☯ Magician ⚔ Sorcerer ☀ Shaman ☤ Alchemist ♚ Baron of Blackness

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